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Here's a transcript to the Liza Weil interview for anyone who needs it. Let me know if there's any errors.

LW: Hi, this is Liza Weil from Gilmore Girls, and thank you for watching the CW source.

Question: Paris can be so intense. How different is your real personality from Paris’?

LW: I am pretty different from Paris, although I think I do have a tendency to be a little neurotic about certain things in my life. But, for the most part, I’m pretty calm, even keeled person, and, uh, you know, a little nicer. (Laughs) For the most part, yeah.

Question: Is it hard to make a transition from your quiet self to the outspoken Paris?

LW: Well, the writing is so good on Gilmore Girls, so it’s always easier, well, it’s easier for me. I think I am probably, um, painfully shy in some instances, so when writers give you words to speak, and such great words that are so broad, and you know, full of character, it’s, you know, it’s nice. It’s sort of a relief for a person like me.

Question: Do you have a favorite story line that you remember doing on the show?

LW: This season, actually, has been, um, I think the most special, because you really sort of get an idea of how far these characters have come, and they’ve grown up so much and now you’re sort of starting to glimpse into the beginning of their adult life and that’s just very sort of poignant to me.

Question: What is your relationship with Alexis Bledel like?

LW: I always have fun with Alexis Bledel, and it’s actually be nice these last couple of seasons because our characters have sort of become more friendly with each other than just enemies.

Question: How do you feel knowing that the part of Paris was created specifically for you?

LW: That’s always sort of flabbergasted me because I did go in for the role of Rory, initially, and then, um, they had called and said that if the show got picked up that they’d write this role for me and it was originally supposed to be a three episode arc. And then I saw that it was Paris Gellar, and originally going in for Rory Gilmore and then having them write Paris Gellar, it was sort of really confusing, I wasn’t sure how they had seen from that audition that they could write a character so drastically the opposite of Rory. And I still constantly think about how lucky I am to have a job that just continued so long.

Question: Do you want the show to continue? Where do you see your character going?

LW: I think that all of us want the show to continue and, you know, we’re all just standing by, waiting to see if that’ll happen or not. And, yeah, I, uh, it’s funny because, again, this season is showing glimpses of where these characters are going to go in the future, and I think it’s rare that you see young woman having to deal with the issues of being so young and being in love and what is your priority. Do you want to go to school and sort of have a career, or do you settle down when you’ve met the person you really, you know, want to be with?

Question: Do you have any other projects lined up?

LW: I’m sort of sussing it out. You know, we still shoot a couple more of episodes of Gilmore Girls and I think we’re all kind of waiting to hear what the outcome of that is. So, I’m sort of auditioning for other things and nothing is quite official yet, but my fingers crossed that there will be other things on the horizon. So, we’ll see.
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