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Here's a transcript for the Ed Herrmann interview, let me know if I made any huge errors:

EH: Hello, I'm Edward Herrmann, and this is CW, The Source, and I'm here to answer your questions, and so nice that you wrote in. I'll do my best.

Question: What interested you in the show when you first started acting for GG?

EH: I had been acting for so long that some of my audience had been dropping dead, and so an actor doesn't like his audience to drop dead. He needs to reinvent himself from time to time. And I looked that the WB at the time and thought that this is a hit network.And I read this script that thought that this was hip, it was funny, the characters where three dimensional, and I'd like to do this.

Question: Do you know why the writers didn't give you more scenes with Kelly this year?

EH: They wanted to concentrate on those relationships which they felt needed resolution. Lorelai’s love life, and Alexis’s love life -Rory’s love life. Um, we know about Richard and Emily, and we can put them in… they already had their separation. What was that? Episode 4 -- Season four or five. We had our separation and near divorce and then we came back together and that was wonderful. I think they just had these other issues to deal with.

Question: What’s your assessment of Richard and Emily’s marriage, thus far?

EH: It’s a very good marriage. It’s a very good marriage-- Knowing, I’ve been married twice.My first wife is a wonderful woman that lives in Santa Monica with her girlfriend, and that’s fine. And I married a second time and had all my children. And she was in the movie business and has been an actress for years - musical theater, so we understand each other for the better part of the equation. And you have ups and downs and you get furious with each other, but I don’t think Richard and Emily ever doubt that they are devoted to one another, just as I am devoted to my wife.

Question: You’re from Connecticut. Does your knowledge of the state help with the plot or script?

EH: Well, yes it does. We live in a town that could be SH. My ex-cousin-in-law is the second town selectman in the town. The town meetings are hilarious. Amy knew nothing about CT. She spent one night there in Washington, CT, which is a town which is a town a lot of New Yorkers come up and spend time in. It’s not Connecticutt-y. She made some real mistakes, which we were able to kinda point out a little bit, and she was agreeable to. But, she’s gotten so much of it right. The sort of eccentric, quirky character in a small town. Um, it’s quite wonderful.

Question: Do you know anything about the 8th season? What are your thoughts?

EH: I don’t know. Nobody has talked to me about an 8th season. I get along very nicely with Peter Roth, um, if they want me to do an 8th season, then I’m happy to do an 8th season. The girls, as leads, have a seven year contract and then they’re finished, they don’t have to do it anymore. And the workload they’ve been carrying for seven years have been truly stupefying, I mean, it’s really hard. And I think that Lauren would like to do some more. I don’t know about Alexis, I worked with her yesterday and I haven’t talked to her about her position in it. I do know she was such a rookie when she came in, she was a model and had had some experience on the run way. She was thrown into the toughest maelstrom of a show, of a single camera, one hour show. Without any training, without any background, and how she’s managed to do it is brilliant --She’s that good. For the first couple of seasons she was really unhappy, and I was her sort of uncle for awhile, and her parents were living in Houston and, you know, it was tough. She sorted herself out, she’s much more in control over her life, she’s much happier, and she’s done some films, and I’m not sure she wants to continue as an actress.

Question: Do you think Lorelai and Richard will get closure and come to some sort of respect and understanding?

EH: I would like a resolution, a real, loving, understanding resolution with Lorelai. That’s what I’d like. We’ve had our explosions, she’s back in the family, we have a banter, but there’s this edge between them that never has been resolved. And I’d love to be able to resolve that.
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