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Thanks for the tour update, little earthquake. Sorry you were disappointed. Hope your second tour, if you take one, will correct that feeling.
I think the tour guides were probably instructed not to say a word now. It seems they were much more loose lipped before.

And whose car is wrecked? Kelly Bishop's or Emily's?

Maybe someone threw water bottles at the car, which then bounced off it, hit the doll house, whose debris sent Luke's black hat flying off his head to land behind Pierpoint. When Babette finds it, Luke's already re-embraced Blue.

ETA - March 20, 2007 (LINK)
Edward Herrmann Answers Your Questions!
Check out our video interview with Edward Herrmann! He answers your questions, including his take on Emily and Richard's marriage, why he'd like to see an eighth season, and why being from Connecticut helps him on the set. What a cool guy -- and we love how he's sporting a suit and handkerchief for the interview (Richard would be proud).
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