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Originally Posted by Katiegg108 (View Post)
MA posted that there was no news yet about ASP on April 14th, then on April 20th he put up a report saying that the Ps weren't coming back. And by the 24th he had the imfamous interview...
Thanks for it.
Media & Marketing: Advertising: How the CW Copes With Growing Pains:
Next season, the network may have to cope with the loss of its popular long-running series "Gilmore Girls," due to the likely departure of both lead actresses. The impending cancellation of teen detective series "Veronica Mars" and drama "7th Heaven" will create even more holes on its schedule.

This week, as TV networks gear up for their annual springtime ad-selling negotiations, CW President Dawn Ostroff plans to meet with media buyers and major marketers to discuss her plans to rev up the network. Ms. Ostroff will outline a roster of new shows in development for the fall season that are loaded with product-placement and sponsorship opportunities
More here.
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