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DM = Daniel Manu
MA = Michael Ausiello
AC = Angel Cohn
MMcD = Maitland McDonagh

START 16.56

They’re talking about Veronica Mars and the possible skip to the future, with FBI Agent Veronica and a bunch of new characters.

DM: Yeah, it just feels there’s nothing organic here anymore; you know, there’s no endgame, there’s no vision; I’m just desperate to keep the show go on, so I’m gonna do whatever I can to get it past the network suits.
AC: But do you think that the network is also a little desperate? I mean, given what you in AA? AR? I don’t know, you have so many things now it’s hard to keep track of what you reported; but about sort of talks about Gilmore’s, an 8th season and stalling.
MA: Yeah, the two things are definitely that… one has a lot to do with the other. If Gilmore Girls doesn’t come back that greatly increases Veronica’s chances and right now it doesn’t look like Gilmore Girls is gonna be coming back.

END 17.30

START 19.20

DM: We did get a lot of mail though, Mike, about Gilmore’s ending, seriously. A lot of people upset, and they’re especially upset by the fact that, you know, they feel like, you know, as one of the listeners says: “we wasted the entire season with Christopher when we could’ve been with Luke; and if this is the last season we’re not gonna see Lorelai and Luke very much. And this is it.”
MA: Well, that’ll suck. That about it.
AC: But if they end them on a note where you can envision them being together, whatever.
MA: Yeah, I mean, if it ends on a positive – if it ends this season, it’s definitely gonna end on a very hopeful note for Luke and Lorelai.
AC: Right. Because even though I was sad about Everwood ending, the way that they ended it with that sort of happily ever after – potential for happily ever after – was, you know, ---
MA: Yep.
AC: --- you could’ve imagined what would happen to those characters.
DM: And a listener named Stacy points out, you know, “Sookie”, the actress who plays Sookie, “is going for a pilot, maybe even has been cast in a pilot. And, you know, the show can’t go on without Sookie. You can’t have Gilmore Girls without Sookie”.
AC: ‘Cause you can’t sookie without Sookie.
MMcD: You can’t sookie without Sookie, right.
MA: We’ve been over this before. These pilots are in second position. If Gilmore Girls comes back, all of these actors are gonna return to the show.
MMcD: But boy, are they gonna be mad if their pilots got picked up.
MA: Yeah.
MMcD: That’s gonna be like when Pierce Brosnan had to go back to Remington Steel […]
AC: But there’s so many boring---
DM: But with John Stingwell (???) the same thing happened, right? There was that conflict with ER and Jake in progress, and he had to hold of on ER for a while. I wonder if you just---
AC: But that worked out for him though.
DM: Yeah. If that happens I wonder if he just sort of starts tanking it on the show that you don’t want to be on anymore. If you just start doing an intentionally bad job so like, you know, they wanna get rid of you.
MMcD: So you become a deliberate show killer rather than an accidental show killer.
DM: And while we’re talking about Gilmore, Chrissy sent us a Gilmore comparison: Angel is Louise. I don’t even know whoever the hell that is, is that Luke’s sister?
DM: Smart, ditzy, gets what she wants and is nice to all. Don’t know.
MA: No clue who Louise is.
DM: Maitland is Luke. Huge opinions about things, only chimes in if she knows what she’s talking about. My favorite.
MMcD: Okay.
DM: I’m Paris. Props. And, haha, Michael is Michel. Hilarious, and attention hungry. No Mike?
MA: I don’t see it.
DM: No? What do you have a …
MA: But no, I’m not, like, I don’t ---
DM: No, you’re not like---
AC: He doesn’t have the phoney accent.
DM: Yeah, you’re not, like, oh everything has to be just so kinda thing, you know.
MA: No.
DM: All that kind of crap.
MA: That was a really weak comparison, I’d say.
DM: Yeah, I thought …
MA: I don’t see you as Paris at all.
DM: You don’t see me and Paris? What?
MA: I don’t see you as Paris. What do you think of Pussy? Cat Dolls.
DM: Cat Dolls.

END 21.40

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