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Not sure if this is in the right place, as I am fairly new to this board. Please feel free to move it if it is.

We went on the Deluxe tour today. The Doll House is back, and completely redone in the CS, to the right of the TV, which is still there. Babbettes house was a mess. We saw the girl that is April. Today is Lauren's birthday, and she was not on the set. They didn't even have to start reporting until 4pm and staggered until 6 got others. It was for night scenes, and Lorelai was not in any of them. Though, Luke and April, as well as Babbette and I can't remember the last person right now, were ched. to come in. The table at the Gilmore mansion was set of Friday night dinner, with blue flowers in the middle. We saw the jeeps and we saw Rory's car, but no other cars. We did see Luke's or rather Kirk's boat across the street from Sookies house. They are working on the Twikham house. Lots of inside work, but not sure if it was for Gilmore Girls. Ask away if you have any other questions. oops. the "NO CELL PHONE" sign was up.

We had a blast. The tour guide (who was once the real mayor of Burbank) said that Alexis is the hold out, everyone else is signed, but the rumor is she really does not want to act. Sounds weird, but he says they have heard that she feels like she gave up her teenage years working so hard on this and needs a break. Don't know if it is true, but it is what was said.
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