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Ausiello Report (LINK):

Gilmore Exclusive: Rory Finally Meets Her Idol!

Say what you want about this season's Gilmore Girls, but show-runner Dave Rosenthal has succeeded where Team Palladino failed in at least one area: He's arranged for Rory to finally come face-to-face with her longtime idol, Christiane Amanpour!

According to multiple Girls sources, CNN's internationally renowned newshound will make a cameo in the show's May 8 season (and likely series) finale. Amanpour's scene is still being written, so all that's known at this point is that she will be playing herself.

As anyone with a passing interest in Gilmore Girls knows, Amy and Dan were relentless in their bid to lure Amanpour to Stars Hollow during their six-year reign. They almost succeeded in getting her late last season, but a scheduling conflict derailed things at the 11th hour. They left shortly afterwards and, well, the rest is history. Whatever mixed feelings they have about the show these days, I gotta think this news will put a smile on their faces.

Now, regarding the small matter of the show's "likely series finale," all I can say is you might want to start saying your good-byes now. Talks to bring the show back for an eighth season have stalled, and, according to several sources, there's little hope for a turnaround.

On the bright side, Rory's finally gonna meet Christiane Amanpour!
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