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Originally Posted by withbatedbreath (View Post)
I really think his foray into SH in 7.18 is gonna end badly....
A little thing about the Logan info. Wrong thread, I know.. but oh well. How it happened was we were walking out of the Yale soundstage and there was a single white wall left standing and the guide said "This is the very last part of Logan's apartment because Logan is gone." I immediately said "Huh? Gone??" because frankly that surprised me a bit. The guide quickly turned to me with an innocent act and said something along the lines of "Huh? What? I didn't say that. All I know is that it's not a very good sign that his apartment is no longer standing. I'm thinking he's done."

Yesterday the guide told us that Logan's apartment was no longer around and he had no idea what was going on with Logan, but that it didn't look good, especially since his business had recently gone belly up.
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