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DM = Daniel Manu
MA = Michael Ausiello
AC = Angel Cohn
MMcD = Maitland McDonagh

START 35.11

DM: Well, speaking of signing of pilots: Katie, Mike, wants to know what’s up with the news that she heard, maybe she made it up, she heard Scott Patterson signing for a pilot of CBS, Matt Czuchry’s doing a pilot. Is this just a negotiating tool ploy?
MA: I haven’t heard the Scott Patterson thing; the Matt Czuchry pilot, it’s my understanding that it’s not going forward.
DM: Okay.
MA: But it doesn’t matter anyway, because I’m sure, the way it works in a contract is these pilots are in second position.
DM: Right.
MA: So, Gilmore Girls, if it gets picked up, they can’t do the pilot.
DM: And Katie also wants to know, you mentioned in your column this week that after Luke and Lorelai are in the diner again, there will be something involving car shopping and a big fight.
MA: Yeah, […???]
DM: Are those two things going to involve Luke and Lorelai, or are you trying to mislead us and it will end up being Sookie car shopping and Lane and Zach fighting?
MA: No, I’ll be going through a bit more of this in Ask Ausiello, but no, it’s definitely a Luke and Lorelai fight, but, I’ll say this, it’s a good fight. It’s not, like, you know, last season’s finale fight.
AC: Okay.
MA: This is a good, healthy fight.
DM: And what did you guys think about this week’s actual episode?
MA: I actually thought it was fun. I Sookie’d all of the stuff that didn’t have to do with the three women---
AC: Right.
MA: ---so anything to do with Zach and Luke; I’m sorry.
DM: Lane. Lane.
MA: Yeah, fastforwarded right through it. I didn’t love it, but I enjoyed spending time with the three women and watching them interact.
AC: The three of them together were really great.
DM: Who’s going to be the godmother? Is it gonna be Lorelai or is it gonna be Rory?
AC: Well, they kind of asked Rory to be the Lorelai, so…
DM: But that’s weird, that Rory and Luke, it’s almost, like, you know, it’s weird. It’s something weird.
AC: So?
MA: You never pictured them together?
DM: Uh, no. No, I haven’t.
AC: But your godparents don’t have to be---
DM: I’m thinking, I’m thinking Luke and Gypsy. Luke--- You know, what happened to what’s his name? Kirk’s girlfriend? She was cute.
MA: She’s still around.
AC: She was up at the bridal--- baby shower.
MA: Yes, she was there.
DM: Yeah, she’s cute.
MA: Lulu.
DM: Lulu.
MA: Lulu.
DM: Luke and Lulu, I think, I wanna see happen.
MA: Luke and Lulu?
DM: Luke and Lulu.
MA: That’s a season 8.
MMcD: Lululu.

END 37.02

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