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Thanks for the spoiler, Jason...wonder where you got it from?

OK, Just some clarification on a few things....

I was told of the dollhouse spoiler. The person who told me said "it gets destroyed crushed". They didn't say how. But the dollhouse was there, with a black sheet over part of it, and some sort of electrical device attached to the bottom of it. (however that may have just been some lighting thing or something, but I thought it was weird, so I'm mentioning it)

Also, I asked a different person for confirmation of the S8 news we had gotten the day before on tour. This person said that they hadn't heard anything official yet, but that he had spoken with Matt Czuchry (yes, this is where I giggled and went all fangirly that the person I talked to had even talked to Matt ) a few days ago, and that he said that everyone "was in", they were just waiting on the TWO girls.

However, the guy admitted it was a few days ago, and that our news was later. When I told him I had heard it from a different person, he wasn't surprised, and said it's probably true, he just hadn't heard it confirmed himself yet.
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