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The columnists have different opinions on the possible future CW's strategy.
Marc Berman, Mediaweek:

The CW, unfortunately, got off on the wrong foot by launching with too many on-the-fence performers, which sent the message that the new programming platform was nothing more than the combined efforts of two failed networks. So, what it needs to do is clean house, spend money on development and aggressively promote a slate chock-full of new programming. Ongoing declines for All of Us and Girlfriends and the failure of The Game to generate much interest means that the network should open the week with no fewer than two new comedies on Monday. An early renewal for the fading Everybody Hates Chris was admirable, but the show is no longer capable of anchoring an evening. Nor is the fading Gilmore Girls on Tuesday, which should be allowed to exit with some dignity.

The CW does not have the luxury to cancel everything that really needs to go—that's more than half of its schedule, after all. But the time has come to give up on Veronica Mars. After three years, it's safe to say the critically acclaimed amateur sleuth will never achieve critical mass. While even fading performances for Smallville and Supernatural on Thursday are still worthy of renewal, veteran 7th Heaven needs to also call it quits while there is still a Camden kid left on the series. And I don't see any reason to renew both Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill, so take your pick.

What this all means, of course, is that The CW is looking at a preliminary fall 2007 schedule with potential changes on five of its six nights. (Friday Night Smackdown! is the one exception.) But since the idea this season was to introduce viewers to the network via existing product, the goal in 2007-08 must be to introduce a schedule populated with five to seven new series.
Maybe... But can The CW afford cancelling all of popular series? The new projects are imponderable - their future is a great unknown and doesn't promise the full succes per se.
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