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DM = Daniel Manu
MA = Michael Ausiello
AC = Angel Cohn
MMcD = Maitland McDonagh

START 19.50

DM: Mike, as always, ton of letters about Gilmore Girls.
MA: Hmhm.
DM: This week. And, first, what did you think of the episode overall? I kinda Sookied most of it, personally.
MA: I Sookied quite a bit of it myself, but the stuff I didn’t Sookie was fun, you know, it was entertaining. It wasn’t the worst or the greatest episode ever.
MMcD: That’s a ringing endorsement there.
AC: I finally realized why you didn’t like Sookie, this week.
DM: Why is that?
AC: No, there was, like, a moment when she was sitting there and she was so, like, annoying and whiny. And even though I’ve always liked Sookie, I was like ‘okay, now I really see why Dan doesn’t like Sookie’.
MA: I felt like this week they didn’t --- for the first time I really got a sense that they don’t know what to do with Rory and Logan. Like it just seems a little bit like they’re inventing conflicts.
AC: But, like, it’s similar to what they did with Christopher. Like, “we don’t want them together, so we’ll just make him a jerk”. So it seemed kind of, like, “oh if we wanna keep---“
MA: But they want Logan and Rory together, so it’s kind of a different situation. I just think that there aren’t really any --- they’ve run out of conflicts, obstacles because there’s no way to keep things interesting, so… And this one really just felt a little forced to me. But, you know, unless I’m mistaken, I think Alexis Bledel is getting --- is developing into much a better actress than she was at first. Just watching her episode after episode, she’s really comfortable, confident, and really believable. It’s kind of nice to watch.
DM: Our friend Sylvia in Italy, Mike, is worried about how little time there is left in the season after episode 19 which is when Luke and Lorelai--- Lorelai goes into Luke’s Diner.
MA: How did they know about that?
DM: I think they got it from you.
MA: Yeah, they did.
DM: From your vodcast, I think, is where you broke the news in your new vodcast called the Ausiello Report.
MA: Correct.
DM: Is that enough time left in the season for them to really rekindle their relationship or is that gonna happen right at the last episode.
MA: I think that’s plenty of time for us to leave the season feeling like those two people are in a really good place. And if it’s a series finale I think, you know, we can drop all kind of expectations about where that’s headed. And if it’s a season finale I think we know what next season is gonna be all about.
AC: What do you think the odds are at this point that it’s coming back?
MA: I would think the odds are pretty good that it’ll be back.
DM: Really? Didn’t that negotiations and all that they were taking care of with both of them.
MA: I don’t know, it’s just a gut. I really don’t know what’s happening with negotiations. Aside from the fact that Lauren is more likely to come back than Alexis. Or Lauren is more amenable to returning. But I just feel in my gut that there are too many people that want this show to come back and usually when that happens, the show comes back.
DM: And, Mike, a listener named Bob wants to know ‘Is there any chance Adam Brody will return to the show’?
MA: Yeah I answered this in Ask Ausiello.
DM: What did you say?
AC: You did.
MA: I said no, no chance in hell. Adam Brody was up for a huge role in a very buzz-worthy fall pilot, but turned it down. So if he turned that down, there’s no way he’s gonna go back into a stint on Gilmore Girls.
DM: Why do you think he turned that down? Is he just---
MA: He wants to do films.
DM: Oh. Okay. Well, who doesn’t? Good luck.
MA: Or at least give it a shot, you know.
DM: Good luck. Uhm, our friend Craig Best has 24 questions for you, Mike, about Gilmore Girls. Fortunately it’s all the same question repeated 24 times, “when will Luke wear the blue cap again?”
MA: [sighs] I don’t know.
DM: Do you get a lot of questions like that?
MA: I think it’s just him.
DM: It’s just him? Just Craig?
MA: Yeah.

END 23.05

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