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I got to see I'm Reed Fish when I attened the premier and after party for at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival in April in NYC.

In the movie Alexis plays Kate Peterson who is the local Beauty. If anyone was to be voted Homecoming Queen in High school it would be Kate. Everyone in the town of Mud Meadow's knows the local beauty being Kate works at her dad's car dealership.

Kate is engaged to the lead Reed Fish played by Jay Baruchel a local DJ who works for his mom's local radio station and reports the local news on his town radio and on the local channel TV channel.

Kate and Reed share a special bond being both Kates mom and Reeds dad were killed in the same a car accident when they were kids. Everyone is getting ready for the wedding of Kate and Reed that will be taking place in a few weeks when one of Reeds old high school friends and Kates fellow high school classmate Jill Cavanaugh played by Schuyler Fisk comes to town.

Reed is at a cross roads in his life as to what he wants to do and finds comfort in his old friend Jill who he might still be in love with causing tension between Reed and Kate.

It gets even worse when Jill is asked to play at Kates cousins Andrew played by DJ Qualls wedding.

Don't want to give too much of the movie away. You can read it all on the spolier thread.

Over all I loved I'm Reed Fish I found it to be funny interesting creative and a over all great story. I think you can rent it off of Net Flicks and I hope it comes out on DVD very soon!

Photos at Tribeca seeing I'm Reed Fish

The I'm Reed Fish Poster.

Me by the poster

Alexis inside the press box

Alexis chatting with Maggie Grace in the press box

The cast during the question and answer Alexis is the one all in black at the end.

Alexis outside at the after party at the Hideaway in NYC talking to her fellow co-stars

Here is the photo of Alexis and me at the after party

My Encounter of meeting Alexis

I got to meet Alexis Bedel at the after party at the bar called The Hideaway for her movie I'm Reed Fish at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival in NYC.

It was funny I saw her at one point during the after party talking on her cell phone and looked like she was in a fight with who ever she was talking to on the phone with. So she came inside and was right near me at the bar. She ordered a drink but didn't like it so she put it down on the bar and went out side to catch some air.

So my friend Stacie who is a huge Gilmore Girl fan took her drink and we all drank out if it and were saying "We are drinking out of Rory Gilmore's drink" It was pretty funny. Alexis ordered a Cap Coder in case you were wondering.

After wards we were outside getting ready to leave. I was saying my goodbyes to the producer Peter and his PA Heather for thanking them for inviting us. I really pulled my magic getting me and my friends into the after party. It was a wonderful time. So worth it.

So while I was saying my goodbyes I noticed Alexis talking to one of her co stars outside. I told my friends I would be right back and that I wanted to meet her and get a photo. My friends said to me good luck being they tried and said she was kind of stand offish and snobbish ot them and that it was hard to get individual photos let alone photos at all and that they were lucky they got a group shot with her.

I didn't listen to them and I went for it being they were getting ready to leave any minute and I knew this was my chance. Plus I have been a fan of hers since Gilmore Girls and I also wanted to have a photo to share with this board as well.

So I went up to Alexis. I think she was having a bad night from what I observed. I felt kind of bad for her. So I was really nice and gave her her space which I think she respected as she was talking to her fellow co star. I think she must have seen me talking to Peter and Heather before and assumed I was friends with the I'm Reed Fish cast because she was nice to me.

I told her how I loved her in the movie and I didn't mention Gilmore Girls at all which I think she was happy about. I asked her for a photo and she smiled and said "sure". We then took the photo. I think in a way I made her night. At least I hope so.

My friends were in shock when I told them I got a photo with her. I guess a little kindness goes a long way. It was great to meet Alexis. Over all I am not going to say anything bad about her because lets face it we are human and all have bad nights and she was very nice to me so what more could I ask for. Oh and Yes Alexis is very tall and skinny. But she looked great at the I'm Reed Fish Permier.

Over all it was a wonderful experince meeting her and showing my support for her film I'm Reed Fish. She was wonderful in it.

Here is the photo of Alexis and me

Over all it was a great experince. Hope you guys have more wonderful Alexis fan encounters to share and that yours was as nice as mine.

Hope all is well.

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