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Ugh, you have no idea how much I dispise JJ right now But lucky for you guys, I'm all ranted out.

I was all mad about him for starting Alias in January next year and I just decided to get over that as it would give him time to make Season 4 really good, but now he goes and puts my favorite character on recurring status! The best character on the show, and he's probably going to be somewhere in the background of gross Syd/Vaughn storyline of next season. I was also mad that he screwed around with the characters: making Syd all weepy and Sark black not grey.

He better do something good with Lost, Dom and Emilie aren't much to tip the scale of me liking JJ after this David Anders bollocks.

Was that a rant? No, my rants involve more swearing, and alot of grammatical errors in trying to get my point across. And more smilies.

I so don't heart JJ right now. Not even a little bit. For he hath made me cry.
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