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Gilmores’ favorite guy
Rory hearts Logan, but he might not be around much longer

FEB 13, 2007

Logan Huntzberger is proving to be a good guy for the Gilmore girls. While jealous hubby/dad Christopher was MIA when Grandpa Gilmore had open-heart surgery last week, Rory’s boyfriend swooped in (on a helicopter!) to lend support. For the most part, Logan has been outside of the Stars Hollow action this season, moving first to London and then Manhattan to take on his family’s newspaper empire. But actor Matt Czuchry, who plays the media mogul-in-training, gave Metro the inside story on where the relationship between his character and the younger Gilmore might head, as well as where the show is going — into another season or not.

Logan’s been pretty busy with work this season. In the coming episodes, will he be visiting Rory more often?

Yeah, he comes back and we’re going to see a little bit of what he’s been working on business-wise — he’s going to purchase an Internet company. This Internet business and how it affects Logan and his relationship with Rory is going to be really important throughout the rest of the season.

Where do you see the relationship heading?

In the end, when the whole series is done, I kind of want Rory to be on her own, doing her own thing. The show is more about her and her mom together anyway. I want to see her grow from the relationship, but I actually think it would be more interesting if Logan and Rory were just these soul mate friends and Rory has the time she needs to be on her own.

Have the writers or producers told you where the relationship will be when the show ends?

I don’t know. I’m curious to see where the next episodes go. A really big factor in where [the couple will] end up is whether or not our finale at the end of this season is the series finale.

Is that a real possibility?

I know that the network and the studios right now are talking to [stars] Lauren [Graham] and Alexis [Bledel] about what’s going to happen with the show. Right now it’s still in the talking phase, but those discussions should be worked out relatively soon.

How many seasons can you see the series lasting?

I could see it going one more season with the knowledge that it would be the close of the whole series. If [the network] says, “OK, one more year and that’s the last season,” then the audience can really enjoy a full season of knowing that all of the characters are going to have closure. That would be kind of nice.
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