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Thanks blaab.

buddytv interviews Matt Czuchry

Some interesting parts:

Sometimes it can be difficult for actors to integrate into an already proven cast. Was it hard coming into a show with so many experienced actors, deep into the show's run?
It was the fourth season of the show, a great show, very popular, and I knew that this character was going to be a great character for Rory. I knew at the beginning I had thirteen episodes in one year, but the thing I knew instantly, reading that character, was that this was going to bring on a lot of change for the audience as far as Rory was concerned and her behavior and the way she looks at the world, so for me, on that end, it was very, very exciting that this was gonna be a character that was gonna motivate some story lines in a different direction. At the same time, just me coming into that, you do feel that pressure and you do feel the nerves coming on set. Trying to take on that responsibility is a big task, so that was definitely part of the challenge. Coming into a fourth season, and then also the fast pace of the show was something that I wanted to make sure that I did justice to.


Can you kind of give us a rundown of what Logan will be up to over the next couple of episodes, specifically with the internet company?
Logan is going to start a nice arc here. The beginning of the season we saw this change in Logan where he’s been passionate about the business world and he’s actually found something that he invests his heart and his energy into, whereas that was not what he was doing in college. So we’ve seen that and that’s going to be the case with this internet company. It's going to be something he’s very passionate about it, it’s a great idea, and so he kind of pursues that out of his passion. Then there will be a further twist on down the line as far as the direction that Logan’s going to go for the last chunk of the season. So the internet company and how he interacts with his passion and what happens with the internet company is really going to inform the storylines for him and for Rory and their relationship.

How many of the remaining episodes are you going to be in?
That, actually, I don’t know. It always kind of changes, but I at least am in almost all of them. As far as a contractual thing at the beginning of the season, I had fifteen episodes. I’m pretty sure if they want they can put me in more of them, but I’ll at least be in the majority of this last run here.

There’s been a ton of speculation by fans and on the internet about whether or not Gilmore Girls is going to have a season 8, that maybe Alexis or Lauren may not want to do it. Is there anything you can tell us about another possible season? What do you know?
They’re talking with Alexis and Lauren. The situation is that Lauren and Alexis, it’s the 7th year of the show, contractually they are not obligated to do another season. You always have that transition period when it's at that point, so they’re in talks right now to see if there will be an 8th season and that’s kind of where it stands. It's not one way or the other. It's not this is definitely the end or it will go on. My hope is that that either way that it goes the audience will have closure, the fans of the show will have closure on this series that they’ve followed for such a long time so passionately. And they want to do that as well. They’re kind of in the process of doing that now and I would say, think that in the next month or two that its gonna become pretty clear one way or the other.

Have you gotten any indication of, if there is a next season, whether you'd be a part of it?
Gilmore Girls has been an unbelievable experience for me and I would love to be on the show as long as they’ll continue to have me. I think this last chunk of storylines is gonna be really dependent on whether it’s a series finale or a season finale, so I think that everything is kind of up in the air as far as those last moments are concerned and that kind of has to do with all the characters, if they’re going to take them through another season, or if they’re going to try and wrap this all up. It has a big affect on me and my character. But, I would love to be part of the show as long as they’ll have me. Do I know one way or the other? I think it’s kind of the situation with everybody right now where they’re trying to figure out if this is gonna be a series finale or a season finale and that’s going to determine a lot of what happens.

Do you have any sort of feeling if Rory and Logan will end up together at the end of the show whether its this season or going forward into season 8?
You know, personally, I would like to see Rory and Lorelai be the focus of the final piece of the episodes. I would just like to see, personally, it be more about them and not have it be so much about Logan or Luke or anybody else, but it's just about the Gilmore Girls and have it end the way it began, you know?
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