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A poster from TWOP had lunch with no other then Scott Patterson himself......

SassyPaws lunch with SP report....

Lunch with Luke
Chapter I

I just came back from my lunch with Scott and I am flying. He was so great. Besides being a damn fine looking specimen of a man, he is charming, intelligent, and totally engaging as a lunch companion. The time passed way too fast.

I wish I could remember verbatim all that was said (most of it by me unfortunately – I am a total motor mouth) but I will try to give you the gist of the conversation. He was so polite and attentive that he made me feel that he was totally captivated with every word I spoke. Granted, the man is a trained actor but throughout the meal he really convinced me that he thought I was gripping conversationalist. It was only after, as I reviewed the babble that poured forth from my mouth, did the clouds of my egotistical delusion dissipate and the reality that he was only being polite slapped me to consciousness.

It doesn’t matter, I had my moment with him and it was a great memory. Thank you, Scott, where ever you are! (Hey, you never know he might sneak on to read the threads even though he says he never does.)

Here is what happened. Scott’s publicist called me this morning and told me that Scott was scheduled to break for lunch at 1:18 PM (no that wasn’t a typo, for billing purposes, hours are broken up into 6 minute blocks – hence 1:18 not 1:15). I was told to drive into Gate 2 at 12:55PM where the guard would have my pass. An intern named Cat would then escort me to Scott.

Since our hotel is on the same street as Gate 2 (Olive) and is only about 10 minutes away, I drove out of the hotel parking lot at 12:45PM. It turns out that we are actually only 7 minutes away because I logged onto the lot at 12:52 PM. The guard sent me to stage 17 and told me to park in space M which I did. I got out of my car and then bupkus! No one is around and I have no idea what to do.

Lunch With Luke
Chapter II

I stood in front of the stage 17 entrance and called Scott’s publicist to ask her what I should do. Of course, I had been momentarily gripped with the desire to run free through the sound stage, snapping pictures and stealing anything I could get a hold of in a wild rampage but the urge passed as my better nature took over. I realized that such behavior would reflect poorly on Scott and I couldn’t do that to our Luke. (Yes, I know that Scott and Luke as not the same people but all of my Luke-love just naturally transfers to Scott and I feel protective of him.)

I placed a call to Scott’s publicist, Laina, whose response was “Oh, *****!” when I explained that I was all alone with no idea where to go. She told me to wait where I was while she checked with Scott.

Laina called back and sent me to the commissary to meet Scott who she said was waiting for me there. (Yes, I was left to find the commissary by myself). Luckily the commissary is kitty corner from stage 17 so I found it pretty quickly.

As I was looking around, guess who I see? No, not Scott but Angel and SPA! They had taken another Deluxe Tour and were eating lunch with their group at the commissary when I arrived. I explained to them that I was supposed to meet Scott there but they assured me that if Scott was in the vicinity, they would have been on him (literally) and since they weren’t (on him), he definitely was not there.

I looked around myself (it’s not that I didn’t believe them but …) and they were right, no Scott! I called Laina back who then told me that Scott was still on the set and Cat (the intern) who was suppose to meet me originally was now really on her way to get me.

When I finally connected with Cat, she informed me that the filming was running late and that now Scott was now not scheduled to break until 1:30. She sent be back to wait at the commissary so I sat with Angel and SPA (who were suddenly eating ver-r-r-r-r-ry slowly -- like making one green bean last 30 minutes slow).

Finally, Scott appeared. He was dressed in jeans and a faded tee shirt (it had a faded reference to a ski race but I couldn’t read it). I believe that he was wearing his own personal clothing. He is a little thinner than he looks on the screen but even better looking (if you can believe that is possible). And yes, his finger nails were manicured but no polish (LOL – hence one of my little teasers yesterday in the thread).

He was very nice and immediately greeted me and led me into the commissary (I had been waiting for him outside). He wanted to what I wanted to eat but seriously, I wasn’t hungry so I told him to select what he wanted. He went to the grill section and spoke with the server like they were old friends (he eats in the commissary almost daily).

After we got our food, he took my plate and told me to find a table while he paid for our food. I was so flustered, I had neglected to get silverware or a napkin but Scott took care of getting all of that for me. (Seriously, the man must have thought I was an idiot who ate with her hands!)

As we sat down at the table, there was a little drama with SPA as she stalked him but I will let her tell you about that. It wasn’t a major incident though I do believe that Scott is now preparing a dossier on her that may be referenced in the future by the police – LOL.

When we finally sat down to eat, he sort of hesitantly asked me something like “What was your journey to get here?” Seriously, he used the j-word and it threw me for a second. I didn’t want to have to explain that because of this crappy story line and the duel “journeys” of both Lorelai and Luke that the very mention of the J word brings forth dark and creepy feelings of doom (plus I couldn’t figure out exactly what he was asking me).

I hemmed and hawed for a second like an idiot (I seem to remember doing quite a lot of idiot impressions during our conversation) until I finally asked “Do you want to know where I am from?”

He looked at me kind of puzzled and admitted that he couldn’t remember why we were having lunch together! Seriously, the impression I got was he was told by his publicist that he was having lunch with a strange woman named Debra and that’s all the information he was given!! He smiled rather shyly and endearingly as he admitted that he had no idea why he was eating lunch with me. The whole scene was rather sweetly awkward.

At that point I filled him in on the information he was missing and suddenly it was all making sense to him (yes, he did remember the auction but it was back in December). I also began to fill him in on the reason for my vacation to LA since he was a little taken back by the (mistaken) idea that I had flown to LA just to have lunch with him in the commissary. (I think the idea was a little too intense for him to deal comfortably with the concept). I assured him (meaning I lied to him) that I was definitely not that fanatical about the show that I would fly 2000 miles just to eat lunch with him at the commissary!

Seriously at first, his body language was somewhat guarded as he realized that he was sitting with a member of the CIPs (Crazy Internet People). I could almost read concern turning to fear that (bordered on terror) but as we talked (actually I babbled and he listened) about the forums and TWoP, his stance began to relax.

He was not really familiar with the online forums but had heard of TWoP! No he never logged on. (He shared with me he has NO time to do anything but work during the filming season. As he put it waving his hand to encompass the full spectrum of the studio lot – “This is my home and my entire life during 9 months of the year!”)


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