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I am not lorelaisgirl but in her absence, I tried to do her justice, which was not an easy feat. You really do an amazing job transcribing the podcast every week for us. Big shoutout to you.

Podcast - February 2, 2007

DM: Daniel Manu
MA: Michael Ausiello
AC: Angel Cohn
MM: Maitland McDonagh

Start 11:11

DM: Umh, Gilmore Girls, new episode this week. Mike what were your thoughts?
MA: Terrible!
DM: bottom terrible
MA: I thought it was the worst of the season.
DM: I didn’t see it, so give me, give me the ???
MA: Well it was all about Christopher, Luke and Lorelai, umh but really Christopher and Lorelai and Luke, aah, the sort of the threat of Luke rearing its head
AC: There’s a lot of Sookie
DM: Oh, oh!
MA: There was, there was a lot of Sookie but really the, the main jist of it was about Christopher feeling threatened by Luke and …
AC: Well
MA: what feelings Lorelai might have for Luke. It felt very forced to me.
AC: It felt very forced and like the whole, he finds the letter and just like flips out but it wasn’t… cause he determined it was a love letter… but it wasn’t …
MA: It wasn’t …
AC: really a love letter …
MA: … and
DM: I know, it was a reference letter right?
AC: it was just a character reference
MA: and it really read like a character reference letter. There really…
AC: Right. It wasn’t like Oh my God …
MA: …. I love him.
AC: I miss this man so much
DM: because it’s not… it’s not written to Luke. It’s written to the like the judge or something
MA: Right:
AC: Right. And he just like, took it out of control, and like, you know, I don’t know … It just seemed like they were just looking for an excuse to get them at odds.
MA: Right. Exactly!
AC: So that’s why they put it there
MA: It was an overreaction on his part. It really made Christopher look incredibly petty, aah and then the whole thing he’s complaining about where she got her coffee, and it’s like Sookie got her coffee from Luke’s dinner
DM: Oh no, Oh no
MA: and he’s like, Oh really? It just felt …
AC: He couldn’t …
DM: So coffee, COFFEE did become an issue on this show didn’t it?
AC: he couldn’t … he couldn’t believe that he had had some of Luke’s coffee, he was like just was really upset
DM: Ohhh, sweet bad
MA: It was sweet lord, it was bad. And also it was the first episode where I really felt Amy’s absence.
DM: Umh
MA: Like to me, the dialogue, it felt like a regular episode of any other show
AC: I mean
MA: The rapid-fire dialogue just wasn’t there. There, there was one pop-cultured reference that made me laugh about the Heathers
AC: Right.
MA: aah, where Paris ??? Heathers
AC: And I kinda, actually I know you not a big fan of Sookie but I like, kind of liked Sookie and Loreali together. I thought that was the better part of the episode.
MA: You know what I was, kept thinking about in that scene?
AC: And Paris, of course, of course Paris is fantastic
MA: That scene, that scene was one shot where they were going through town
AC: They were walking
MA: that lasted for about 10 minutes. I was just thinking to myself …
DM: Yep
MA: My God that, that’s difficult to do. I mean …
AC: Cause there was a lot of that
DM: Woah! I feel like we have to stop the presses here. Michael you are praising a TV show’s cinematography.
AC: [laughing]
MA: Is that what that is?
AC: [laughing] Yeah, that’s
DM: That is what that is!
MA: Is that what that is?
MA: That’s what I’ve been talking about
AC: [laughing]
MA: It was one long shot …
AC: Yes
MA: that went on for over 5 minutes
AC: Yeah, it didn’t look like it was cut at all.
MA: They walked … they actually… they went through the entire set of Stars Hollow
DM: And I feel really like we’re in therapy and you’ve just made a breakthrough
MA: Really?
AC: [laughing]
DM: You’ve realize it …
MA: I PAY attention to that stuff!
DM: You’ve always criticized me many times on this podcast for mentioning cinematography
MA: You probably said ... it wasn’t … it didn’t make sense or something …
DM: It’s say bah, bah, bah, bah, bah …
AC: [laughing]
MA: Yeah
DM: Yeah
AC: [laughing]
DM: Like that high school thing I did just now
MA: I actually pay attention to things like that and to directing. I am a big fan of TV directing when it’s done really well and I believe …
AC: Oh I have a good example of TV directing …
MA: Ugly Betty obviously is breaking new ground with TV directing and I think what they do every week is amazing, but… but I feel like the show that has the most under appreciated directors is the OC. That is the show that is extremely well directed.
AC: That is the show that only you are watching [laughing].
MA: I’m … that’s not true.
DM: Who else is watching it?
MA: aah, according to the Neilson’s ratings, 3.5 million other people!
DM: Ooh, Who knew?
MA: Yeah, right
DM: Who knew?
MA: Nothing to sneeze at
AC: Thursdays at 9? Really? That’s impossible.
DM: I guess prisons have a lot of TVs these days
DM: umh, a listener name Suzie, aah agrees with a lot of your comments about, aah Christopher in this episode. It says, how sleazy did he come across when he said he couldn’t be her rebound. He slept with her the same night she broke up with her fiancé.
MA: Yeah, it made …
AC: Yeah
MA: no sense at all
AC: Yeah. And it didn’t because he was sort of the one that like, sort of pushed for them to get married. So it was kind of like, well, she wouldda just been happy dating you and all of a sudden you’re the one that wanted to marry her so, it just didn’t make sense
DM: And aah, couple letters aah, related on, related to some behind the scene happenings on Gilmore. Aah, our friend Sylvia from Italy who we, aah, read last week said she’s happy Lauren got a producer credit. She deserves it. Let’s hope it’s a positive step to having a season 8 and also having a season 8 with Rory. Uum, on the other hand, Jamie says, doesn’t it seem crazy that Alexis Bledel is more resistant than Lauren Graham to another season. Bledel’s star will likely fade post Gilmore Girls.
MM: Bledel’s younger.
AC: Oooah
MA: Yeah, Bledel’s younger. That’s the thing.
MM: Yeah
AC: She’s younger and I mean she has had movie roles, so
DM: And what is the story with the producer credit? Is it a thank you? Does it mean she has more creative control? What … you know sometimes they give credit just as a way to ??? paycheck
MA: That producer credit means one thing and one thing only; Warner Brothers opening the doors to negotiation for next season
DM: Interesting, because, you know, I remember Jason Priestly got a producer credit the last season of …
AC: But he was directing 90210 at that point.
DM: 90210
MA: Yeah
DM: But often it's a way to like, you know, just…an excuse to give more money without having to pay them via, you know, other means
MA: Well what was interesting, did you see the link that I linked back to an interview I did with Lauren like several months ago where we talked about a producer credit and I asked her why don’t they give you a producer credit and she said it’s something that’s never going to happen. She said, I’d love one but it’s just not going to happen. And then she also said, aah, and also I wouldn’t want to ask for it because then they’d probably turn around and say OK we’ll give you a producer credit if you give us an 8th season.
AC: Uumh
MA: And sure enough, look what’s happening
DM: Well, there you go
AC: Well
DM: There you go

End: 15:59

At times it was difficult to understand what they were saying as they spoke very fast and at the same time. If you find any errors in the transcript, please PM me and I will update them.


Because I Said So

Start: 39:26

DM: And what about Because I Said So? Did you see that?
MM: Angel?
DM: Oh Angel got to see that. Is Michael going to see that because it has Lauren Graham in it?
MA: I was going to see it till I opened up the newspaper this morning….
AC: No!
MA: and saw the reviews.
DM: Uh oh
AC: No! Listen ....
MM: You didn’t read Angel’s review first?
MA: I haven’t read it yet
AC: She’s aah … Lauren who I love is fine but she’s in maybe, maybe 10 minutes…
MA: Really
AC: of the movie. Like they totally underused like their cast and ….
MA: It’s terrible, right?
AC: Diane Keaton is so
MA: How many stars did you give it?
AC: I, I don’t even know
MM: I think it was 1½. It was pretty bad.
AC: I didn’t actually pick the stars. I just sent my sort of scathing review off and
DM: You get one star just for being a movie in English. That’s how our rating system works
AC: Right, there weren’t any subtitles and the dog was really cute

End: 40:06

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