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Originally Posted by juststandingstill (View Post)
Podcast up yet? Anything new/interesting/exciting??
Nothing new. Bringing over my recap (based on a description from a friend since I can never dl the darn thing):

TV Guide Podcast, Friday February 2nd

GG discussion starts at 11:11

MA thought it was terrible, the worst of the season. MA summarized the episode. Angel pointed out that there was a lot of Sookie. Both MA and Angel thought the ep was very forced. MA and Angel thought it was ridiculous that Chris thought it was a love letter. They all thought it was very character-referency. Angel said they were just looking for an excuse to get L/C at odds. MA thought Chris looked very petty. They thought Chris getting mad about the coffee was dumb. MA felt Amy's absence. They noted the lack of pop culture references and the slowness of the plot. Angel liked Sookie and Lorelai together. MA noted that the scene (in the square) was one shot that lasted 10 minutes, and that must have been hard to do. They laughed about MA was finally noticing cinematography. Then they talked a bit about directors.

Letter from "Susie" who agreed with what they said last week about Chris coming off as sleazy, and that he couldn't be mad about being a rebound because of sleeping with her in Partings. They agreed, and Angel pointed out that he pushed for them to get married. There were a couple of letters related to the LG producer news. One was positive and the other was negative. One letter pointed out that Bledel's star will fade post-GG. Podcasters said that didn't matter because she is younger. MA said that the producer credit is only about opening the door to negotiations for next season. MA mentioned his LG interview where she talked about wanting to produce but if she asked, they'd would say how about a season 8.

End 16:02.

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