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Tour report; morning tour, January 31st

I went on an early tour with ingw today (she went on the Deluxe tour on Monday). We went to the town where we saw the shooting of part of a scene. The scene takes place at Liz and TJ’s garage, and it involves (at least) Luke. What we saw is Luke walk from the garage, cross the street and get in his car, he closed the door and that was the end of the scene. Luke was wearing jeans, his green army coat with a flannel under it, and he was wearing his black backwards baseball cap.
According to the tourguide it is still winter in Connecticut; the trees didn’t have leaves yet.
On Tuesday they had been shooting at the diner, apparently Lorelai wasn’t in that scene (I asked).

Skipping the non-Gilmore stuff… We went to the soundstages and saw the Mansion, which was basically the same as on Monday, but the driveway was un-dressed and they were building a motel room. The motelroom has at least one window, and it didn’t look very big and nice. The tourguide didn’t know what it was for (or for who), the people building it didn’t know either.

We didn’t get to bring our cameras in to town, or to the soundstages, so no pictures. Sadly.

Tour report; afternoon tour, January 31st

After we went on the first tour, I called copperboom and she met up with us (ingw and me) for another tour. This tour guide was much more fun and nice, because he took us to Stars Hollow almost immediately and he let us in a lot of the sound stages. They were shooting something at Lane’s appartment now. The tourguide thought it was a babyshower for Lane, but he wasn’t sure. We got to watch for a while, but there wasn’t much happening, so the tourguide made us continue (we would have stood there all day, no problem).

The newsstand was all dressed up with magazines (copperboom pointed that out, I didn’t know if that was normal or not, but it was dressed up on Monday too). And there were flags (American and I think a Connecticut one? If that exists) up on Stars Hollow High.

Skipping the non-Gilmore stuff…We went into the soundstages again, but this time way more: we went to the Mansion, where the motel room was up a little bit more. Then we went over to the Dragonfly Inn, we got to walk around. Lorelai’s house is in the same soundstage, but we didn’t get to go it. We did peek through the windows and the open door: the pink stroller is still there, the magazines were still on the coffee table, Wolf Girl was still on the chair, and the flatscreen was still on the wall. It didn’t look like they had been shooting there (no marks on the floor whatsoever).

Skipping the non-Gilmore stuff… While we were at the museum, the tourguide checked if they were still shooting at Lane’s. He took us back there, they were still shooting, and yhey were soundchecking at Miss Patty’s, the tourguide didn’t know what it was for.

Tour report; morning tour, February 1st

I had a very nice and friendly tourguide this morning (I will not complain if I either get him or the one from yesterday afternoon again tomorrow). He said he watches the show, but he doesn’t really like to know what’s coming; although he does get to watch them film sometimes. He did confirm that they had been shooting a babyshower scene for Lane yesterday.
I also found out that Rory made Logan a birthday breakfast in his NYC apartment (episode 7.15).

They were shooting at Miss Patty’s, according to the tourguide it was a town meeting (yay!). This time I got to bring my camera onto Midwest street (where Lorelai’s house is), and I took pictures (to be added when I have them all nicely uploaded).
I think the boat-moving-trailer (I don’t know what else to call it) kind of confirms that Luke’s boat is in Liz and TJ’s garage now; Lorelai’s garage is kind of empty, the boat isn’t there. The chuppah was next to Lorelai’s garage. There’s some stuff on Sookie’s porch (didn’t get close enough to see what it was).
And while we were there, they were doing some stills of Lane (not pregnant) and Zach in the front yard of Kim’s Antiques (yay! They were across the street from me, and whoah, Keiko Agena is not very tall).
When we went into the soundstage of the Mansion, the motel room was a bit more up too, they were painting (lightish blue) and there was a banister-like thing in front of it (like it was going to be an outside corridor and this was the fence to keep you from falling down).

With this tour it’s kind of the same as the ones from yesterday: my head is very ‘monkey, monkey, underpants’; and I’ll remember more. I hope.
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