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Posting the news here as well.

Alright, on to the news: Release date for the movie. Ummmmm, well, still no exact date, however, I do have some inside information which I can't really talk about publicly. But I'll give you a hint: It will probably come out in a month that rhymes with Napril.

Even though we haven't even had our theatrical run yet, you can, as of now, save I'm Reed Fish in your Netflix queue! Go here if you have a Netflix account. And no, I have no idea when it will be out on DVD, I'm guessing 3 to 4 months after the theatrical run.

Also, majorly important is that fact that we've started a MySpace page for the movie. You totally need to check it out and be our MySpace friend! There are stills from the movie and will be plenty more stuff there as we near that aforementioned confidential release date. Also posted on our MySpace page (and as a bonus I'm putting it on here too) is our poster:


Seems like we don't have to wait for too long for it too be released!

Here's the link to the MySpace page:
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