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Okay, remembering a little more:
Scott Pattersons car was there (I think at least, a black snazzy Mercedes parked on the side of the mansion stage), but he wasn't in the scene. They had started filming the town scene at 7, we were there at about 11 and at 3.30 they were still filming there.
They had taken down Rorys yale appartment as far as I know. There wasn't any snow, but they were wearing coats and Lauren had a white beanie type hat.
In the crap shack the flat screen was mounted between the fireplace and the stairs, Gigis little stroller was in the doorway, sort of parked by the stairs between the kitchen and living room. Her teddybears were under the stairs I think, but I can't remember for sure.
The painting or whatever that they got from E&R wasn't by the fireplace anymore, but was standing in a chair right next to the fireplace. Looked like it was in the process of being moved or something..
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