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Went on the Deluxe Tour today, here's the info I got, not too much really:

We saw Lauren and Alexis filming a scene where they walk towards Lukes and cross over to the Gazebo area and the guide told us that Rory receives a call from the New York times about a job.
We also saw the house and Gigis crap was still in the living room. There was a little stroller with a doll and lots of Teddy Bears and it was a hot set so we were only aloud to look through the window. They were filming there tomorrow..So Gigis stuff will still be there in whatever episode they are fliming tomorrow..
Oh, and while we ere watching them flim the scene in town there was a guy walking Alexis' dog around..funny little thing!

The guide also said that everybody wanted another season except Alexis who still wasn't sure, but without her there probably won't be one..
Will post more if anything comes to me..
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