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*Squee!* Okay, I just got back from my first WB tour!!! I got there OK, had to ask for directions two times. Bought my ticket and I got to get into the tiny theater immediately. They showed the WB film (pretty cool, btw; especially the bloopers). Then we (me plus 8 other people) went to the cart and the tourguide made a joke that I was someone famous (?!) and I joked back something about wanting to meet or see Lauren Graham. And then the tourguide told me she was working today (double squee!). So on the way to the tourguide, I told the tourguide that I was a huge Gilmore fan and he had to sort of disappoint me because we couldn’t go to Stars Hollow today, because…. they were shooting there! I think I heard one of the other tourguides say that they were gonna be shooting there all day.

So we were driving, past the ER stage outside (the emergency entrance), and then the tourguide said we were gonna leave the cart right there and walk over to Stars Hollow to see if there was anything going on.
And YES there was something going on! We watched from the corner of Luke’s how they were shooting a scene. This is what we saw:
Lorelai and Rory are walking on the sidewalk on the street in the direction of Doose’s. Lorelai is on the side of the buildings, Rory is on the side of the street. Rory is on the phone (whether she was on the phone from the beginning of the scene or if she gets the call during it, I don’t know), she hangs up and then she does this happy-squeey-like move and they continue walking, past Doose’s. Then they cross the street towards the gazebo and they keep walking in that direction, they disappear behind the building on the corner and some trees. And then the director yelled ‘cut’ (it was a guy, the director).
I’ll make a drawing later and add it.
Lorelai is wearing a long coat and a white-ish hat, and she has a brown purse. Rory wore a long coat too. According to the tourguide, it’s supposed to be Connecticut-spring. He didn’t know what episode they were shooting (grrr, because he said he did look at the shooting call sheet (or whatever you call that), but he forgot to check what episode it was.

Skipping the non-Gilmore stuff…We went down a street that was pretty new, like two years old, and there was a house I recognized: it was the house Rory drove up to and parked her car on the sidewalk when she went to visit Christopher when his father died. And Lorelai drove up to the same house later, of course.

Skipping the non-Gilmore stuff… We went into the soundstage of the Gilmore Mansion (I forgot to check which number it was). It was totally cool, because we stood in the fake driveway, and we walked into the hall and in my head any ‘maid-opens-the-door’-scene was playing. Then we went into the living room, where all the furniture was covered with white sheets, so I don’t think they’ve been shooting there very recently. Then we went into the dining room, where Emily and Richard’s chairs and the table were covered with sheets too. The table wasn’t set, but there were five chairs around it. If you sit on Richard’s chair: one on the left, two on the right and Emily’s chair on the other side. And if I remember correctly from the FND scenes, Lorelai usually sits at the right side of Richard. I’m not jumping to conclusions here (I won’t let myself).
On the way out of the mansion, we walked over to the patio, and then down a hall that was used for, I think prop storage; and there was this big cardboard-like thing and on it was painted a circle, collored in (forgot the color) and there was a measure tape painted across it (horizontal), above that there was a sentence painted; something like’How huge is Lane’s stomach?’ And the giant ‘VonGerbig’ thing was next to it (I think they used it in the Lane/Zach wedding episode).

So when we left the soundstages-area, there was this car driving in front of us: a black BMW convertible… And the car turned left… and I’m like 99% sure that it was Scott Patterson. Oh yeah! He was on his phone (I assume, or he talks to himself), had a two-day-scruff and he looked hot.

So, that was my first tour adventure.

ETA: The drawings I quickly made just now; Lorelai/Rory in Stars Hollow-scene.
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