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DM = Daniel Manu
MA = Michael Ausiello
AC = Angel Cohn
MMcD = Maitland McDonagh

START 19.40

DM: And finally, you know, we’ve been getting – as we always joke about – tons of letters about Gilmore Girls; this week it’s finally justified---
AC: Yaaaaaayyy!
DM: Mike, what did you think of the actual episode that aired this week?
MA: Oh, I actually enjoyed the episode, I thought there were some really nice moments in there.
AC: What?
MA: What?
DM: Uhoh.
MA: I did. There were some really funny moments in there; I loved the Lorelai and Rory’s kind of little walk through town and have their – what I thought was- having their really nice mother-daughter moment, which we hadn’t seen in a while. I enjoyed the stuff about Lorelai kinda struggling over the letter with Luke; and there were some --- I thought the Lane stuff was pretty funny, yeah it was kinda silly but they made her as big as they did.
AC: She’s huge.
MA: She’s huge; what kind of made me laugh.
DM: She looks like a, you know, an aircraft carrier.
AC: Yes.
DM: […] planes on her.
AC: I thought she were gonna give birth that episode.
MA: Yeah.
AC: I just --- we were watching it wondering how much of the episode Dan Sookie’d.
DM: Uhm, not that much, but you know what, I agree with a listener who wrote in the other week ‘April must die; she’s really really annoying.’
MA: Yeah. That’s kinda--- yeah, I agree.
DM: And plus, she’s probably gonna hit puberty sometime this season, she’s now like 6 feet tall and stuff, and, you know, with the microscope, and uhh, enough.
AC: Anytime Christopher was on, I just, like, it just drove me insane. I just --- it’s so awkward. Between them.
DM: Mike, we got a letter for you from Sylvia in Italy, who sends you greetings from ‘the deep of her heart’ and she says she just watched the Gilmore Girls promo for the next episode, she’s still shocked, she heard Lorelai say ‘I love you’ to Chris for the thousandth time, “after all these I love yous to Chris, do you think a reunion with Luke is still believable?”
MA: Yes, because you --- I think you can love two people. I think it’s believable; ‘cause I think she --- I do believe she loves Christopher, but I think her soulmate and who she’s in love with is Luke.
AC: Right, but like, the thing that really bothered me about the episode was, the whole time she was writing that letter – which I do agree was very sweet, and it was nice to see her like, you know, really giving some thoughts to how this would affect Luke’s life, but the whole time I’m like ‘she’s keeping it a secret from Christopher, this is so gonna blow up in her face’, like, I feel like, she last year was flipping, you know, ‘cause Luke was keeping secrets from her, and now she’s keeping secrets from him; it’s like, you know, you were mad about that, but you’re doing the same thing.
MA: No, no, I do agree with you there.
AC: It just kind of frustrated me.
MA: Yeah.
DM: And, Mike, Mike you had some really potential interesting news in your column this week about what could happen on a season 8.
MA: Potential news on what could happen.
DM: Yes, potential.
MA: There’s rumour --- some people are interpretating this as they’re gonna --- she’s not --- Alexis has already decided she’s not coming back, which isn’t true. Uhm, but they’re working on all kinds of scenarios and one of those scenarios is, you know, that she wouldn’t be featuring prominently in the season, you know, if Alexis didn’t wanna sign on.
AC: But those are my favorite scenes, you know, like the scenes where it’s just Rory and Lorelai. Like those, that’s like the heart of the show for me. So if she’s not around, like it’s just, if it feels like it’s missing something.
MA: Yeah, and it reeks of just eching out another season of a show that should probably end this year.
AC: Right.
DM: But it’s interesting; is there a scenario for if Lauren Graham is not around? Or…
MA: No. If Lauren Graham doesn’t come back, then there’s no show.
DM: And the scenario if Alexis doesn’t come back you reported, is that Luke and Lorelai would have a baby.
MA: Well, possibly. That’s one of them. And there’s also a scenario that if they don’t have a baby, it’ll still be sort of focussed on their relationship. You know, when Rory would pop in during sweeps and such. But they’re batting a number of scenarios around, this is one of them talked about, so, you know, it caused a little bit of an uproar, but um, you know, it’s all sort of tentative.
DM: It is tentative, I mean we don’t even know if it’s gonna come back at all. Next season.
MA: Not at all.
DM: So it could all be for nothing.

END 23.27

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