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About Ausiello and the famous Plan B - I found this:
It's because she's waiting for a Sin City 2 deal: TV Guide's Michael Ausiello reports that Lauren Graham may be sticking around Stars Hollow after all-without co-star Alexis Bledel. While both stars voiced their reluctance for an eighth year of fast-talking, esoteric-reference-making, mommy-daughter drama at the TCA Press Tour, Gilmore Girls' show runner David Rosenthal appears to have convinced Graham to sign on for one more season-but Bledel's reluctance has caused the CW and Warner Bros. TV to create a plan for the show that doesn't involve Bledel's Rory Gilmore as a regular character.
And an old interview AB's from August, 2006:
Although it appeared that her character, Becky, died at the end of Sin City, IGN asked Bledel if she would be involved with the sequel since the new movie is going to take place before the events in the first film.
"Apparently, she doesn't die, which I'm very excited about," Bledel revealed, adding, "I haven't talked to (writer-director Robert Rodriguez) yet, no. But there have been conversations about my involvement, so I'm excited. Hopefully I'll still be involved when it comes time to shoot it."
Sin City 2 should finally begin shooting by 2008. IMdB doesn't list AB as a cast.
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