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Question: You've been stingy with Gilmore Girls scoop lately. Tell the truth: Is it because you got in trouble after Whispergate?— Christina
Ausiello: Me? In trouble? Pshaw. Next to Isaiah Washington's Golden Globes meltdown, Whispergate was the best thing to happen to my career. I thank the gods every day for giving me the gift of Whispergate. Heck, if it wasn't for all the increased visibility that Whispergate brought me, a heavily imbedded Gilmore Girls source probably wouldn't have come up to me at press tour and revealed that (Massive spoiler alert) David Rosenthal is seriously considering ending the season (or series?) with Lorelai and Luke not only married but expecting a baby. Which leads me to my next piece of scoop….

Question: Great job at the Globes, but you've been very negligent with Gilmore Girls recently. Please give us some more scoop that doesn't involve the death of a pet!— Grace

Ausiello: Fair enough. The buzz in Stars Hollow is that the key to an eighth season may rest in Alexis Bledel's petite hands. Unlike Lauren Graham, who appears to be somewhat amenable to the idea of continuing on for another year, Bledel is proving a tougher sell. As a result, Warner Bros. and the CW are allegedly developing a Plan B that would focus an eighth season on Lorelai, Luke and their new baby, with the occasional sweeps-month guest appearance by Rory. Wow, that sounds like a disaster.

Question: Do you know how Gilmore Girls plans to deal with Melissa McCarthy's pregnancy?— Katherine
Ausiello: Scoop! They're dealing with it by making Sookie pregnant for a third time. Not sure how Dave R. is gonna pull that one off, considering Jackson had that vasectomy and all. Maybe Taylor's the daddy? I kid. I kid.

Question: Any scoop for Rory and Logan?— Mel K.
Ausiello: Yeah, but it might make you ill. Matt Czuchry thinks Rory and Logan should eventually (yikes!) go their separate ways. "I would love to see Rory single at the end. I just feel like that's the way the show began, with the mother-daughter relationship. It's kind of like Sex and the City with Sarah Jessica Parker and the big question of, 'What is she going to do at the end?' I thought she should have been by herself, because that was the whole through-line of the show. The most important thing for me is that Rory and Lorelai are there together at the end. It should be about the Gilmore girls and them going forward." You know what? As much as I love Logan and Rory, I kinda agree with him.
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