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Short summary: Oliver reflects on leaving Lois

Oliver: Reflections, Regrets

Oliver Queen sat slumped in a chair in his hotel suite, deep in thought. He knew he should be concentrating on the mission, instead, his thoughts kept straying back to Smallville, back to Lois. He closed his eyes and he could see her face, the curve of her cheek, her smile. He ached to hold her in his arms again, to run his fingers through her hair, to hear her laugh, and to kiss her lips. She haunted his dreams.

“Oliver, you were a fool to let her go,” he chided himself.

It had been nearly three days since they had said good-bye. He could still feel the touch of her lips as she kissed him for the last time, still see the hurt in her eyes. He would have given anything not to have caused her pain.

He pulled two snapshots out of his wallet. Chloe had taken the photos of him and Lois at Christmas. He stared at the picture of himself and Lois standing by the huge Christmas tree in his penthouse. They stood, arms around each other, their faces touching cheek to cheek, smiling widely. The other photo was of them kissing under the mistletoe. He smiled at the memory.

Next he pulled out a folded up newspaper clipping. It was the first article Lois had published on the “Green Arrow Bandit.” He still winced at the “bandit” part, but he was thankful it had been dropped. Green Arrow. He liked the moniker Lois had come up with for his green leather clad, vigilante, alter ego. It fit. He read through the article again. Aside from the fact that he was her subject, he was impressed with her writing. It showed great promise. He had no doubts that she would make a great reporter someday, perhaps even for the Daily Planet. Her talent was being wasted at The Inquisitor. He stared at the sketch of the Green Arrow. An amused grin tugged at his lips as he recalled Lois’ dislike for and tenacity to expose the Green Arrow. Lois had finally figured out his secret.

“I’m sorry, Lois.” He hated lying to her. He just couldn’t allow her to know the truth about him. It wasn’t a matter of trust. He knew that she would have kept his secret. He knew she loved him. He loved her, and that was why he had Clark help him keep his identity from Lois. To protect her. She’d already been kidnapped and tortured once when his enemies thought she knew who he was. If anything should happen to her….If he couldn’t save her in time…. He pushed the fears out of his mind.

He also knew that Lex wouldn’t hesitate to torture Lois if he thought it would lead him to the Green Arrow. If Lex ever laid a hand on her…Oliver clenched his fist. He wasn’t going to ever let that happen.

He laughed at the irony. Lex hated the Green Arrow now about as much as he hated Oliver. And he doesn’t know we are one and the same.
No. Lois could never know the truth about him. He loved her too much to put her life at risk, to burden her with the dangerous life that he had chosen, as much as it tore at his heart. He could never have left her unprotected. Clark would look out for her.

Oliver ran a hand through his hair and sighed. When he had gone to Smallville looking for people of abilities to join his team, he had never expected to find love, but he had. His relationship with Lois played like a video through his mind, from their first meeting at the Kent’s farm, to when she walked away after he told her he was leaving Smallville. She couldn’t know how much it hurt him to have to leave her.

The chorus of a Rascal Flatts song echoed in his brain:
What hurts the most, was being so close
and having so much to say, and watching you walk away
and never knowing, what could have been
and not seeing that loving you is what I was trying to do.

The beep from his cell phone interrupted his thoughts. He glanced at the ID. Bart.


“We’ve located another one of Lex’s Project 33.1 facilities.” Bart informed him.

“Great! We’ll meet at the rendezvous point in ten minutes.”

“Ten!” Bart protested. “I can be there in less than five.”

“Ok, Speedy. I’ll see you when I get there.”

Duty called. Oliver put the photos and the clipping back into his wallet. He would never forget Lois Lane. Perhaps some day their paths would cross again. He only hoped she could forgive him. The life of a superhero was a lonely one.
Time to save the world.

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