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Originally Posted by lemon tart (View Post)
What if he agrees in the same conversation? As Ciaobella specced just a bit ago? That seems mutual, to me. As Kris suggested. Again, not what I have been speccing the last couple of days. But seems reasonable.

It's not like what Lorelai did in Partings, where she left and Luke had no clue what the hell was going on, to the point where he came to her home the next day thinking they could run off and get married. But to her she had given him his last chance in her mind the prior night.

That's a decision she made all on her own. If either one of them bring it up, and the other agrees w/in the space of the same conversation, that's mutual. They're agreeing. Agreement = mutual, to me. Because unless they're speaking at the same time they can't both suggest it at the same time, can they?

But it's very different from Chris hanging on for dear life and never letting Lorelai go or Lorelai epiphanizing and then up and dumping his ass, as has been suggested by multiple posters here, including some with sources, though not Ciaobella.
WOAH. I DID NOT SPEC that. Why would I spec something that I know doesn't happen? Lorelai ends it. Chris does not agree in the same conversation. I don't know when Chris agrees. It's not the same conversation or the same episode for that matter.

Where did I say it was in the same conversation? Stop twisting my words around to fit your POV. It ain't gonna fit.
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