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Kristin from E!Online is at the CW Winter Press Tour too:

And now the money Q: Will Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars come back for another season?

Ostroff replies, "Gilmore Girls is a show we're really proud of. It consistently comes in second in 18-34. And we are definitely talking to them. As for Veronica Mars—it's funny because I feel like I've answered that question every year. It's still on the air and I'm still here. Veronica is a show we are proud of, and I have to say that all your support for that show has meant the world, and hopefully we'll have good things to talk about. Veronica Mars has actually had its best numbers ever, and Tuesday night has definitely been a good move for the show."
Eek! A reporter just asked about Gilmore Girls' "creative downtick" (gaaah!) this season, and how Ostroff feels about it. Her answer: "Gilmore Girls has been on the air seven years, and any show that's on for that period of time creatively has its ups and downs. Clearly with the loss of Amy, we wanted to be able to maintain the quality of the show. David Rosenthal was one of Amy's top lieutenants, and was actually handpicked by Amy. The first half of the season was rocky as David found his way, and he was painted into a corner by the end of last season, but I think the second half of the season is much stronger and the audience will be pleasantly surprised."
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