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DM = Daniel Manu
MA = Michael Ausiello
AC = Angel Cohn
MMcD = Maitland McDonagh

START 44.54

DM: Mike, we got a bunch of letters--- Gilmore has been on, like three seasons now, it seems. But we keep getting letters for you about it. First of all, a listener named Christine answer to question ‘Where does Lorelai get her coffee, if not at Luke’s’, she says she gets it at Weston’s, the Stars Hollow bakery and coffeeshop.
MA: Well, if you read Ask Ausiello today, also, in an upcoming episode we’ll also have Sookie bringing her coffee.
DM: Yes.
MA: From the diner.
DM: Yes.
AC: Ooohhh.
DM: Well, we got a letter about that.
MA: [at the same time] Big turning point. [/at the same time] Already?!
DM: Yes! We got a letter about that.
MA: Wow. They are fast!
DM: From Craig, who wrote us last week and I think started this whole conversation. He wants to know ‘What will Chris’ reaction be? Give us a hint, if you know’.
MA: To her having coffee from Luke’s?
DM: Yes. Is Chris that much of an [???] that he cares?
AC: What a schandal!
MA: I have no idea. But I do wanna clarify something, because someone wrote into Ask Ausiello, but I didn’t get a chance to run the letter; they wanted to know, if, during Richard’s health-crisis, if Christopher was--- is aware that Richard is even in the hospital. Because part of the thing is like, Luke steps up to the bat, Christopher doesn’t do anything.
DM: Is it Chris’ fault that he’s---
MA: Right.
DM: Yeah.
MA: And uhm, the fact is I don’t think he does know what’s going on.
DM: Oooohhh.
MA: Yeah. Still---
DM: Interesting.
MA: Still, he wasn’t there when she needed him.
DM: I--- You’re reviewing something that isn’t gonna air for, like, you know, how many months? Two?
MA: A couple.
DM: A couple of months.
MA: Maybe a month.
DM: Uhm, you’re like, hero of TV scoopage. […]
MA: Well, if they started airing some episodes I wouldn’t have to be doing critiques to that future episode.
DM: That’s true, that’s true. And I missed the Aerie Girls, so bring them back. Not!
DM: And Mike, two questions for you about Gilmore Girls related to Rory, one again from Craig, saying he thinks there’s been a lack of Rory-spoilers.
MA: Yeah, I’ve been getting that question a lot.
DM: Uhm, is she gonna graduate? What does she think about possibly her parents possibly splitting up? And will Chris be there at her graduation? Etcetera etcetera. Anything to tell us about Rory?
MA: Well, I’m--- Yes, Rory will graduate. I’m sure Christopher will be at the graduation. But the thing that’s coming up for Rory is that she’s gonna develope a crush on the professor that’s replacing Richard. Because, you know, Richard’s teaching at Yale.
DM: Right.
MA: So, when he goes into the hospital, a new professor is gonna come in and he’s, you know, some hot guy.
AC: What does he look like?
MA: Uhm, I don’t know.
AC: Who does he look like?
DM: I thought you mentioned casting? Maybe not.
MA: I don’t think I did mention casting.
DM: No. Is it cast yet, you know?
MA: Uhm, probably.
DM: Is it anybody we know.
MA: I don’t know who was cast. I guess I should follow up on that.
DM: Meh. If you want to. Don’t put yourself out there.
MA: So that’s what’s gonna be happening and uh you know, she’s gonna be in the hospital when, you know, her grandfather is there too, so. I don’t know.
DM: And uh, a listener named uh---
MA: Totally messed up, my a$$ [???]
DM: ---Ali---
AC: You’re--- he’s just writing Gilmore Girls in the closet, like, this is what I think is happening.
DM: Well, somebody is.
AC: “Dear David, this is what I think should happen. This is what I told people was happening. Go with that.”
DM: Uhm, a listener named Ali, or possibly Ali, says, “Could Mike be sure to spoiler us for a Logan/Rory engagement in advance, like he did with the Lorelai/Christopher elopement; so I can be sure to have a leftover Pepto ready. Somebody doesn’t want Logan and Rory getting engaged.
AC: What’s not to like about Logan and Rory? I think they’re kinda sweet.
DM: I think that would suck too, actually.
AC: I don’t know.
MA: Well, they’re not gonna get engaged, I think that would be a bad move. I like them together too, but God.
DM: But what if this is the last season, though? Will they marry Rory off if this is the last season, you think?
MA: No, what do you think? That is too preposterous.
DM/AC: [semi-snicker] It’s preposterous.
MMcD: Is she gonna be a […]?
MA: At the finale of every comedy show, all the characters need to be married.
DM: That has been like sort of some finales operate.
AC: Do you think they have everybody have twins on 7th Heaven?
MMcD: Hey, all comedies end in a wedding.
DM: That’s true. But it’s a drama, it’s not a comedy.
MA: I think it would be a different wedding, I would assume it would be Luke and Lorelai.

END 48.58

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