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Ausiello is up. And he's got nuttin' Michael Ausiello - Ask Ausiello |

Question: What's up? Last time you gave no scoop whatsoever on Gilmore Girls, except for one lame one. Personally, I could care less, but my fiancée is dying to know what is going on. Help a brother out here.— Joe
Ausiello: Lorelai is going to go out of her way to help Luke in his custody battle for April. Now, Joe, if that doesn't get you some action tonight, nothing will.

Question: Is the death you were referring to on Gilmore Girls going to be Paul Anka?— Jill B.
Ausiello: No, but you're close.

Question: Is there any new Gilmore Girls scoop? Perhaps word on when Lorelai will make her first appearance in Luke's diner again?— Katie
Ausiello: Sookie brings her some coffee from the diner, and they talk about whether that's weird for Lorelai. Does that count?
Okay, actually, he brings a BIT of something. Gah. Still nothing about Rory. And that first question was vague enough to allow Rory spoilers...figures.

ETA: The death has to be a pet of some sort.

Also, thanks Mots for the promo link. It really wasn't as bad as you made it out to be. Chris was just standing there 50% of the time with a grumpy face, and a really bad grumpy face. I was expecting the apocilypse or something by the way some people have reacted to it, lol. Also...that last shot better not be on the real episode. DS delivered that line crappy.

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