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WGNTV – LG interview January 8th - Video

Announcer: Now, we caught up with a Chicago favorite over the weekend, Lauren Graham, Lorelai from Gilmore Girls on the CW, starring in a new movie, a little romantic comedy called ‘Because I Said So’ with Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore. And when we talked with her, she remembered her early morning Chicago work schedule.

Lauren: I worked in Ann Sather. The one on Belmont. Is it Belmont? (interviewer confirms). Yeah, and uhm, I sold cinnamon rolls at 6 o’clock in the morning; it was the best job ever. And, uh, you try not to eat those cinnamon rolls when that’s all you can smell for like three hours. And you’d always be sick by the time you left, and it didn’t matter.

Announcer: Sick in a good way, no doubt about that. ‘Because I Said So’ opens February the 2nd, we’ll review it then. By the way, tomorrow, some surprising news from Lauren about the possible future of Gilmore Girls on the CW, and here on WGN.

WGNTV – LG interview January 9th - Video

Announcer: We’ve got some hot news about one of the CW’s hot shows the Gilmore Girls; for the past seven years, the Gilmore Girls has been a multi award winner and industry and ratings and viewer hit for the WB now CW network but there’s a strong sign that this may be the last year of the Gilmore Girls.

The great writing, the performances that have sustained one of the stars, one-time Chicago-in, Lauren Graham - Lorelai, the mother in turmoil may be up in jeopardy, (we) caught up with Graham over the weekend in Los Angeles talking about her new movie, but when we brought up the future of the Gilmore Girls, she was more than unsure and very conclusion-y about something you’d think the star of the show would be a lot more sure and positive about.

Lauren: Uhm, I don’t know anything, because, it could be our last year, or it could not be; well because, I don’t know. Because they’ll--- we’ll have to decide, there’s nothing kind of happening. There’s, you know, this has been the best job ever, and I--- if it might be the end, I’d just like to really do it justice and give the fans like a great, you know, kind of finish to the show. And it’s just amazing to think how long, you know, this has been my job. And so I’m very proud and, you know, like, invested in it.

Announcer: That’s a far cry for the unusual ‘we’re waiting to hear about renewal from the network’, she’s practically cleaning out her dressing room. Said that the CW has expressed an interest, but has done nothing else about it. We’ll keep you posted on the future of the Gilmore Girls, of course you can catch it tonight at 7 o’clock on WGN.

First rough transcript and editing thanks to Caf
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