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Originally Posted by Sandlynn (View Post)
Maybe Rory stops speaking to her and that's why she falls back on Luke again -- like she did during the first rift -- because her daughter is totally disgusted with her. I'm tellin' ya, Rory needs to distance herself from this crowd.

Oh yeah, that's why Lorelai falls back on Luke again. Sure.

ETA: Bella, you know when they get back together. So spill already. Apparently, you can never trust a JJ or an LL in this thread, because you guys have been sitting on this info for who knows how long. Again, one thing that we should have here, is some sense of TRUST between each other. We might not like one another's action, but I trust you to not **** WITH ME. By knowing a spoiler for so long that even Franzi knew about it. You guys essentially have declared yourselves as the SHIPPER GROUP that ****s around with the rest of us in the thead. As Sandlynn stated; "OWN IT."
Yeah, I'll "OWN IT", Jason. I have more loyalty to my friends who are kind enough to share spoilers with me and with whom I make promises to keep to myself until they ok it. I don't owe you anything.

Just a thought: Lorelai will initiate the break up with Chris knowing, there's no return to Luke at this moment. If she decides to make the step, it's a brave decission, showing her despair!
Exactly Mag. Lorelai ends her marriage to Chris still convinced Luke doesn't love her.
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