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Originally Posted by lancer1993 (View Post)
IMO by the simple fact (according to MA) that Lorelai can't contact him shows he is either and idiot and ignoring "Richard is sick" which is most likely the message she sent, text or voice mail. No I hate Chris but I don't want him to do that. The other option which is much better is he doesn't know and just ignoring any message from Lorelai and not reading it. Like Rory did with Lorelai in ep 8.

Well MA did describe Chris as "choosing to sulk" while Richard is ill, and then later said his behavior proved to Lorelai that "he was still immature." I can't believe he would sink that low either, but who knows.

And I wanted to confirm (because I was just told) that Loreali indeed initiates the End of Our National Nightmare. Otherwise known as her marriage to Christopher. It's not a mutual decision.

That is a spoiler.
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