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DM = Daniel Manu
MA = Michael Ausiello
AC = Angel Cohn
MMcD = Maitland McDonagh

START 21.55

DM: Uhm, Mike, we got a bunch of letters, even when Gilmore is off for like, two months ---
MA: Yeah, what are they asking about? Nothing is going on.
DM: --we still get lots of letters. Well, a bunch of random mails; one is from Sylvia in Italy, they’re talking about it in Italy, Mike, she wants to know some more about Richard’s health crisis and Lorelai’s epiphany which you’ve talked about a little bit. She wants to know if the epiphany is just related to Chris’ immature behavior or if there’s other factors.
MA: There’s other factors, yeah. Initially I thought it was gonna be, like, a major epiphany; it’s not. Really, she just uhm, I think, sees Luke maybe in a whole new light and Christopher when Richard gets sick, because Luke is the one who really steps up and is there for the family, Emily specifically. Christopher, however, is off sulking about a fight that he had with Lorelai, so she’s trying to get a hold of him all day, and he’s not around. So really, Luke was the one who was there when she needed him, so I think this just re-inforces that maybe Luke is the one, not Christopher. And re-inforces the fact that Christopher was really just immature and still is.
AC: Is this happening in the first episode back or is this---?
MA: No, this is happening further on. I’m actually ruining the plot for the episode that’s actually happening in quite a while.
AC: Okay. In like, May. Great, great.
DM: And Mike, Craig has a couple of other questions, one is about the finny death, quote unquote, on episode 13, can you give anymore uhh
MA: What---Can y--- I said funny death.
DM: Oh, he wrote finny, finny death, sorry. Funny death.
MA: Are they trying to be finny with funny?
DM: I don’t know.
MA: What are they doing?
DM: I don’t know what’s happening.
MA: Did I miss-spell it?
DM: I don’t know.
MA: Are they making fun of me?
DM: You’re using up a lot of air-space about revealing anything, Mike. Reveal---
AC: He’s so good at that.
DM: Reveal something. Who’s dying? You already mentioned it’s not Kirk, this week.
MA: It’s not Kirk.
DM: Bummer.
MA: Someone wrote and asked me if it was Paul Anka. And I’m gonna say no to that. But I’m also gonna say that they’re close.
AC: Oooohhhh.
DM: Oh. Uhmmm.
MA: Yeah, so---
MMcD: You sound really interested, Dan.
MA: Essentially it’s not gonna be a death anyone is gonna care about.
DM: Right.
MA: But it is gonna be funny.
DM: So, in other words, Gypsy.
AC: Poor Gypsy.
DM: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. And Mike, Craig also wants to know, is Lor--- where is Lorelai getting her coffee? Because she used to go to Luke’s Diner every single day, and she hasn’t been there for quite a while.
MA: Excellent question. But isn’t there another coffeeshop in town? Or another place to get coffee?
AC: And they showed her getting coffee like at the Inn and stuff recently.
MA: Yeah.
DM: But she’s been going there every day for 10 years, Craig points out. And now suddenly---
MA: I get a lot of questions about, when is Lorelai gonna step foot back in the diner.
DM: Right.
MA: People really wanna know about that. That’s gonna be a big moment when it happens.
AC: I mean there’s not a lot of eateries in Stars Hollow.
DM: That’s certainly true. Certainly true.

END 24.28

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