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Originally Posted by Ella_Ocean (View Post)
How do I post a new thread? The thread's not new so I have to copy the things in the first post. It doesn't work though.
I'm hoping for help fast.
Go into the thread, if it is is still open you can click "Reply With Quote" and copy everything from the opening post. When you start a new thread make sure to remove the QUOTE tags at the start and end otherwise it'll say something about not being able to post it cause it's less than a character long or something.

1.why can't i see the last posts ?? i mean , for exemple x has been the last to post , but since then there are other 3 that have posted, but i cannot see their post .. can i add a pic ... i've seen what u said earlier , but i didn;t understand quite well how it works

1) Fan Forum runs on two servers, sometimes the servers can be out of sync so it may take a bit for the last post to update to the server that you are on.
2) Find the URL of the picture you wish to post [usually ends with .jpg, .gif etc) and put [*IMG] and [*/IMG] at the start and end of the picture link. (Just remove the *s when doing it.
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