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I thought Emmy did an excellent job in "The Day After Tomorrow". Jake Gyllenhaal (who is beautiful, by the way) is right; she does have a lot of presence onscreen. (Just wanted to mention that she and Jake have amazing onscreen chemistry and did an admirable job imbuing their characters with depth and complexity...well, as much as you can in a popcorn/blockbuster/disaster flick. They were one of the highlights of the film for me.) I read up a little on Emmy, and, wow, she is very accomplished and refined for a 17-year-old (I couldn't believe her age either). And, of course, very beautiful; she has such an engaging, sincere smile and such soulful eyes.

I haven't seen her in anything else, but she seems to be pretty respected in the industry already. I suspect she'll be a household name in the (near) future. Looking forward to seeing her in "Phantom of the Opera".
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