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DM = Daniel Manu
MA = Michael Ausiello
AC = Angel Cohn
MMcD = Maitland McDonagh

START 16.08

DM: So uh, Mike, let’s really get into this Gilmore stuff.
MA: Let’s get into it.
DM: Because, I mean, once again, you asked her about coming back to write the ending. Is that still a possibility?
MA: Well, let’s first talk about the fact that she’s not watching the show. If you remember from the last interview, Dan said emphatically that they would watch the show. And then now she’s changing her tune. Do you believe her?
MMcD: Well, she’s busy, she’s writing a new show
MA: She’s not that busy.
DM: I find that hard to believe. I mean, imagine if somebody took over your column, Mike, would you not wanna just at least check it out?
MA: Yeah, at least the first one I would check out.
AC: The curiosity factor would really get to me.
DM: Well, maybe she meant not watching it regularly, but she just checked it out.
MA: No, she was pretty clear that she didn’t watch it at all. I loved though how she found out about Luke and --- Lorelai and Christopher getting married when her TV Guide came in the mail.
DM: Yeah, it was spoilt on the cover, yes that is festive.
MA: [breathes in to start talking, DM is faster]
DM: But can-- Yeah, go ahead.
MA: I was just gonna say, whether you agree with her or not, whether you think she’s a genius; she is the most fun interview. I love talking to her.
DM: Well, yeah, well---
AC: Well she’s very honest. Like---
MA: And just some of the pull out quotes from that interview where hysterical.
DM: Well not to get too much into your journalism, but the reason you’re interviews with her are as good is because you allow her voice to actually show up in the words. A lot of people edit in her interviews, you know, to put it into a generic kind of tone. You actually let her slang and her tone and her rhythm come through in the article.
MA: Thanks Dan, for that.
AC: He just gave you a nice compliment.
MA: He did give me a nice compliment.
DM: It’s Christmas, everybody deserves one.


DM: Mike, we got a letter from Isabella who begs to differ a little bit with Amy, uh, she says that uhh she says it was her baby for six years, and then she up and left her baby. What is that? Sound like they wouldn’t give her exactly what she wanted when she wanted it, the way she wanted it; and because of that she put the show’s future in someone else’s hands. Sounds like she’s stubborn or greedy to me.
MMcD: And a bad mother, apparently.
DM: Reaction, Michael Ausiello.
MA: You know what, no one will really ever know what happened between Amy, Dan and Warner Bros.
DM: I can’t remember what they were fighting about, was it money or? I can’t even remember.
AC: An extra season…
MA: Actually it was about money. Yeah, it was all about that second season. They wanted, Warner Bros. only wanted to extend it for one year, Amy and Dan wanted not a two year renewal for the show, but a two year deal for them, which meant if Gilmore Girls went off the air after one year, they’d still have to pay Amy and Dan.
AC: I want that deal.
DM: And, Mike, you are such a huge fan of Gilmore, everybody knows; and I get the sense in these interviews you do that, you know, you’re wanting something that they’re not able to give you. Like, you want them to come back and write that finale. It seems like they’re constantly disappointing you in that sense.
MA: I think that’s fair.
DM: And how do you feel about that? I mean, do you feel hurt in some way, do you feel disappointed in them?
MA: Well, she left the door open for, you know, for the possibility of a return. I think I would have been bummed if she flat out said ‘no, under no circumstances would I ever return’. But I think all the fans would want, if this is the last year, for Amy to come back and write that last episode. I mean, that’s just, it would be, it would really be sad if it did not happen.
AC: Wouldn’t it be hard on Dave Rosenthal who has, like, done all this season and gone through all this, like, but do you think it would be hard for him to, like, be like, ‘okay, here, you can have it back now’?
MA: Yeah, I think it would probably be difficult, but I think, you know, ultimately, it would be what’s best for the show. But Amy brings up a good point; what if she comes back and she doesn’t like any of the stories, where they are, I still don’t think regardless of what happened this year whether was Amy, whether Amy wrote it or Dave wrote it, if this is the last season, the last episode would probably look pretty similar.
DM: Right.
MA: It will have Rory graduating, and you know, possibly Lorelai, something with Lorelai and Luke.
DM: I just thought about those damn two words she’s always been talking about.
MA: Four. There was two, and then she upped it to four, and actually, I didn’t include that in the interview, but I reminded her in the interview---
DM: Do you know what they are? No? The last four words?
MA: Uhm, why don’t you let me finish what I was gonna say.
DM: Okay. Pardon me. I take back, I take back whatever I said. Go ahead.
MA: Uhm, I reminded her at the end of the interview that if she does not come back for the finale, that she promised to tell me those four words, exclusively.
DM: Sweet. Well, now I hope she doesn’t, because I wanna see those four words. Or she’ll put them on the finale. Either way--
MA: Either way, we’re gonna find out what those four words are.
DM: I’m as curious as hell. I hope it’s not something dopey like ‘see you later’.
MA: We gotta do, like, some sort of big push for that, when we find out those four words.
DM: That’s … don’t say that [???] though, Mike.
MA: We need to do something
AC: [???]
DM: And uh, we got sort of a random letter from Heather in Pennsylvania about Gilmore, totally different topic, she’s actually talking about what’s happened on screen, for a change.
AC: Really? Who talks about that?
DM: Talking about Luke and Anna; she’s kind of bringing up, I don’t know if this is totally insane or not, she thinks maybe Luke isn’t really Anna’s father.
MA: Yeah, I’m hearing that a lot too.
AC: Well, maybe that’s---
MA: Wait, Luke isn’t Anna’s father. Luke is April’s father.
DM: April’s father. Excuse me, April’s father.
AC: That, that … that young girl that did the paternity test.
DM: Exactly; exactly.
MA: But then, I kind of feel like that’s something we should have found out about last season.
DM: And is Luke so stupid not to, like, get a back-up test? Hey, by sides, someone says you’re my dad. What if some other dude walked by.
MA: Well, don’t you think April would get insulted?
DM: That’s true. That’s a good point.
MA: April was really hurt by that.
DM: Yeah.
MA: He could just pull a hair out of her head, you know, when she’s not---
AC: When she sleeps over.
MA/DM/MMcD: [yes, why not talk all at the same time?]
AC: When she sleeps over, it’s on the pillow.
DM: Just casually stick a q-tip in her mouth, and really […], just in case.

END 21.34

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