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A fun Busy sighting from Gawker:

ยท 12/11 - King King in Hollywood - I went to a show called Mortified (people do readings of cringe-worthy **** they wrote when they were kids) and they had some "surprise guests" at the end. For the last guy, some schmuck wrote a horribly embarrassing race car screenplay when he was a teenager, they brought out Elijah Wood, Busy Phillips, someone Denton from DH I'm a guy, sorry I honestly don't know who he is) (James Denton), Booger (Curtis Armstrong) from Revenge of the Nerds, and Kevin McDonald to perform it.

It was all pretty funny. The Hobbit managed not to overact, Phillips managed to be hot, Denton managed to be funny, and Booger managed to get laughs. Judging by his hair, McDonald is auditioning for Side Show Bob on. But he had a hot girlfriend and it made me sad.

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