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DM = Daniel Manu
MA = Michael Ausiello
AC = Angel Cohn
MMcD = Maitland McDonagh

START 10.50
MA: Let’s move on from Veronica Mars.
DM: Yes, let’s move on.
MA: Gilmore Girls?
DM: What did you think, Mike?
MA: I thought it was actually a pretty fun episode, I liked the knit-a-thon…
AC: The knit-a-thon…
MA: That was very Palladino-esque to me, the knit-a-thon.
AC: Yes. It was very Stars Hollow.
MA: And uh, there was a great quote from Lorelai that I felt like she was saying to the fans when she says ‘I don’t see why I need to go around feeling bad, because my life didn’t turn out the way everyone wanted to’, talking about being with Christopher not Luke. I felt like that was sort of maybe a little dig.
AC: A little dig.
MA: A little dig at the fans.
DM: And I already, you know, kinda like Christopher but I’m really feeling sympathy for him in this episode, because it must be mind-boggling being in that horrible Stars Hollow town, with these freaks doing the knitting and stuff, and, they’re upset because they didn’t spend eight hours knitting. Like, Christopher came in, to me he saved the day. He’s the hero of the show, he stopped people from having to knit in the cold for eight hours and they’re angry at him for it.
AC: But, that’s not quirky.
DM: That’s true, it’s not quirky, it’s logical. It’s smart.
AC: But no one needs to---
MA: There’s no room for logic in Stars Hollow
DM: I guess not.
AC: You’ve never lived in one of those little cute communities.
DM: And the fact that he’s forced to go on this man-date with Jackson.
AC: He’s mandated to go on a man-date?
DM: And that whole--- How girly (??) was that part about that little farming and that Christopher saying ‘me too’ or something?
MA: I don’t know. I actually thought that was pretty funny.
DM: It was cute.
MA: I thought the funniest of the whole episode was what happened after the episode, one of the Aerie girls tried to take credit for this.
AC: Ooh the man-date which was in the show.
MA: Which was actually in the script.
AC: Yeah.
MA: Every girl there went like ‘oooh, where did you come up with that? Mandated man-date?’
DM: To me it’s sad that we’re even discussing the Aerie girls because it’s almost like a victory for them.
MMcD: Do you think that they even could spell Aerie?
DM: I don’t know.
AC: No, because they spell it with an ‘e’ and it’s kinda tricky.
MMcD: Yeah.
AC: Yeah.
DM: Uhm, speaking of taking credit, a lot of our readers---
AC: Uhoh.
DM: Flattering, but I think it’s not true---
MA: The Hayden Planetarium?
DM: ---have been trying to give me credit for the Hayden Planetarium line from two weeks ago. I take zero credit for that, because they’re not talking about Hayden Planetarium. They were talking about the actual Hayden Planetarium.
MMcD: Did that line, by the way, work for anybody who isn’t from the New York area?
DM: I don’t know, a lot of our listeners actually got it, including---
MMcD: Really?
DM: Yeah, I think so.
MA: I think that’s a pretty well known---
DM: Including John from California.
MMcD: Well, good for John from California. For a thing that’s not even there anymore.
MA: Turns out he had an internship at the Hayden Planetarium.
MMcD: It’s the Rose Science center now.
AC: I thought it still was called that.
DM: Yeah, I thought it was still called the Hayden Planetarium
MMcD: I thought it was the Rose Science center.
DM: ---made a joke.
DM: And uh, Mike, I don’t know if you have any---
MMcD: It looks like paper way (???)
DM: I don’t know if you got any scoop on uh, you know upcoming stuff on Gilmore Girls that you wanna share, but uh, Craig wants to know if one of the reasons that Chris and Lorelai might have marrital difficulties, is the fact that Chris might wanna have kids and Lorelai might not. But I can’t imagine that.
AC: He doesn’t seem like he wants more kids. I don’t get that vibe.
DM: He just had--- he already has a kid. He already has a kid. That he doesn’t take care off.
MA: But I know a couple of weeks ago in Ask Ausiello, I had said that a big source of the conflict was gonna come up when Richard gets sick. And uh, Luke is gonna be the one who steps up and helps Emily out, while Christopher just kinda sulks off to the side because he had a fight with Lorelai. Those plans, however, have since changed.
DM: How come?
MA: I don’t know. I just know that they’re tweaking that whole story. I don’t really know what’s happening now, so uhh---
AC: But, speaking of Richard, the Richard-Emily stuff at the beginning of the episode was the best stuff I think I’ve seen in weeks. Where she was playing the voicemail message from Lorelai, over and over again, I just sort of like, I thought that was like, the funniest stuff in a while.
DM: You know it was very snappy. And a very uncharacteristic of Richard and Emily, which is why it was funny too.
AC: Yeah.

END 14.12

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