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Ryan/Taylor #15 Because this is only their first session.

Banner by: Erin.

Ryan Atwood. Bit of a badass, but we love him.
There was Theresa, Lindsay, Sadie, and,
ultimately, Marissa. But now she's dead. Woe.

Taylor Townsend. Bit wacky, but we love her.
There was Seth (however one-sided), Sung Ho,
then that french guy she married (I mean, what
was up with that?) But no one else. More Woe.

But now there's Ryan/Taylor.

And it is HOT.

Banner by: TessShipper.

Peach Lovers:

01. Less Than Perfect (Holden)
02. spent cigarette (Jacqui)
03. TessShipper (Steffi)
04. cdgeiger (Chelsea)
05. Tragedy Tay
06. ...SNAP... (Claire)
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Reasons we adore them:

Because she made him peach torte.
Because he kissed her.
Because he helped her.
Because they are hot.
Because the paper said they had sex 30 times and we hope they do
Because the French know love when they see it.
Because Taylor would love to get into a cage fight with Ryan.
Because she didn't have anyone else.
Because lips. arms. wrist. nose!
Because life is unpredictable.
Because his favorite fruit is peaches.
Because it took him five hours to translate that one line.
Because he didn't have to kiss her as... passionately as he did. But, um, HE DID.
Because he wanted to talk to Seth about her.
Because she could make him smile again.
Because "She said Ryan was funny."
Because he was sorry for being late.
Because her world was black and white until Ryan came along and made everything technicolor.

Banner by: TessShipper.



First Kiss.
Peach Torte.


She Smiles.
The O.C.: Fic: When The Morning Light Explodes (PG) Ryan/Taylor
Unpredictable Made By Sammy italy

Mustang Sally.
Heist. Oh, and Taylor and Ryan don't start til later in that fic,'s still good. SMUT!
A place of learning.


The Pageant of the Bizarre by Zero 7.
Love You Till the End by Pogues.

Previous Ryan/Taylor Threads:
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Ryan/Taylor #2 Because he loved her peach torte.
Ryan/Taylor Appreciation

Banner by: Prayforandrew


Taylor: I feel like everything I thought I knew, everything that I expected has just kind of gone out the window.
Ryan: Yeah, life is definately unpredictable.
Taylor: But I guess I'm realising that that can be a good thing, you know? 'Cause its exciting not knowing whats going to happen.

Taylor: Tell me about this cage fighting it's something I've been meaning to get into.
Ryan: Yeah? Ask me another favor I'll be happy to show you.
Taylor: Oh Ryan Atwood with a side of sauce...I like it!

Taylor: Despite being agnostic in most things I do believe in true love.

Taylor: I have a incredible lover.

Taylor: Oh i just told him you were a soccer fan.
Ryan: Oh yeah I like soccer.

Taylor: Oh I'm sorry were you um asleep?
Ryan: No...

Ryan: Taylor this is a great torte...really good.





Banner by: LauzG.

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