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Originally Posted by nst (View Post)
how come no play by play ?>?
I think iamsher posted that she got home late?

Tried to pull together a quick recap, it's a bit out of order. Hope I got the main points - people feel free to add, it's from memory. Already did the Rory scenes above (very few):

Opening scene is FND, we discover that Lorelai told her parents about the elopement in an answering machine message. Emily and Rory's faces are both priceless. Emily replays the message - twice.

C/L in the CS, Lorelai is going into town and makes up excuses why C needn't come with her, he calls her on it, they go together.

Diner scene - place is full of people knitting. TJ comes in and tells Luke that Liz is having her baby at home. TJ leaves, Luke walks him to the door, sees C/L across the street, slams the door (from promo) and shouts no more knitting, the diner is now a knitting-free zone. Grumpy Luke is back. It's sad.

C/L bump into Miss Patty and Babette, who give them the "welcome wagon" stuff.

C/L in CS - the global promo scene where lorelai says it's not a welcome wagon, it's a 'we're tolerating you' wagon.

Lorelai/Sookie scene, Lorelai asks Sookie's help in getting the town to accept Christopher. Lorelai actually mentions Luke's name. Lorelai says something like she knows what Sookie thinks but she needs her friend's help and Sookie caves. They set up a "man date" for Christopher and Jackson.

Anna comes to the diner, asks to talk to Luke privately, they go upstairs. She tells him she's moving to New Mexico.

We see the "man date" in a bar, watching a ballgame on an overhead TV. It's a bit awkward. Jackson gives this pointed speech to Christopher about being a farmer meaning commitment and always being there, how he and Sookie are committed - don't remember exactly but at the end of the ep, C quotes it almost word for word to L.

There's a scene with April/Luke, it starts in the diner, April is doing her homework but she's upset and starts shouting about not wanting to move to New Mexico. How this year finally she has friends and isn't that nerd kid any more. Luke takes her outside, they end up sitting on a bench with him comforting her.

Somewhere there's a second scene with Luke and Anna in a coffee shop talking more about her and April's move. He tells her April is upset about the move, suggests that April could stay with him to finish the year. Anna nixes that. Then she refuses to even agree to April visiting Luke in the holidays - says these are her decisions. Luke is all understanding - watching, you kind of want to kick him out of it.

Knit-a-thon - funny scene with Taylor starting a speech but Kirk interrupts that he really has only 29 seconds not 3 minutes left or something - the whole town ends up shouting out the countdown. Some knitting scenes, it switches to a few hours later, everyone is cold, Christopher donates the rest of the money and the knitters pack up. Lorelai tries to get everyone to keep knitting but they all leave. C/L have a discussion about it, she tells him he doesn't understand what SH is.

Luke gets a phonecall (sides) and goes to Liz, very cute scene with him holding the baby who seems to be staring at him. Realization dawns.

Last scene is Luke turns up at Anna's and tells her he's April's father, he missed her birth, missed her first steps, etc, and she can't just do this, April's both their kid he'll fight her if he has to. (I can't resist - YAY)

eta: The 2002 party includes a Paris dancing (with Doyle) scene that's awesome.

eta2: When C/L are walking home, Christopher repeats Jackson's "I'll always be here" speech, almost word-for-word. L says ILY and kisses him. (yeah, forgetting that was probably a Freudian slip on my part.)


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