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I believe Mr Eklund was speaking of Anna telling Luke she is moving April to NM. But if that's not heartbreaking enough for you, perhaps she can viscerate his entrails and serve them on a silver platter for you.
Actually he was speaking of Luke seeing Chris with Lorelai -- as if one would never expect to see a married couple together (not named "Kim") in the town they now both live in -- as well as the Anna situation.

The newlyweds have run the gauntlet of Rory, Lorelai's parents and 'Fluke' (in one silent, heartbreaking moment). One hurdle remains: The quirky inhabitants of Stars Hollow. Lorelai worries that they're not ready to accept Chris, and now Chris has his proving grounds — the annual knit-a-thon. And it may be easier for Chris to pass through the eye of a knitting needle — I know they don't have eyes, just go with it — than to win the approval of the townsfolk. Elsewhere, 'Fluke' gets another heartbreaking blow. When will they let up on him?! — Bill Ecklund
As for Anna's decision, I can't help but think that if Luke had only let Lorelai into his life with April, he 1) would have been able to make it clear to Anna that he and Lorelai were a team and even had the three of them get together to talk about the future, 2) might have been married to Lorelai by now and had a home already set up for April and 3) would have had Lorelai by his side and not by someone else's side helping that man with his daughter. By excluding Lorelai he made his situation with Anna definitely harder to bear and possibly harder to fight.
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