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Global Promo for 7.09

Scene: Lorelai and Christopher are walking around Stars Hollow. (The scene in the DC with Lorelai in her white coat and Christopher holding clothes from the drycleaners on his back). Luke is standing in the diner doorway looking at them and angrily slams the door.

Promoguy: Does everyone in Stars Hollow think Lorelai married the wrong man?

Scene: Lorelai is talking to Christopher in the CS

Lorelai: I’m saying it didn’t go so great

Christopher: But the wagon…. (with a confused look on his face)

Lorelai: (finishing Christopher’s sentence) …was full of cleaning supplies. Home made baked goods. That’s a welcome wagon! (said sarcastically). We got a, we’re tolerating that you are here wagon.

Pans to Christopher who has a peeved look on his face

Promoguy: New episode of Gilmore Girls. Tomorrow on Global
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