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I finally got to see this one. I my hockey but I hate when it's on the same time as Bones.

Intense ep.

Booth chocking guy was like when he threatened the gangbanger at the end of The Woman in the Garden.

He was so desperate to save them and had faith that Brennan would find a way to hang on.

He was willing to pay the ransom even if it meant his job.

He flew down that slope and started digging like a madman.

Their shared smile at the end was so sweet.

I have a theory why Cam was brought in and is now in a “relationship” with Booth. As we saw with H/A, his near death experience drew them closer together. How could Booth and Brennan not express their real feelings after she almost died? Well, Booth doesn’t feel like he can since he’s with Cam and she was right there.

While I would’ve liked a hug (at least), I think the fact that he didn’t touch her means even more. If she was just a partner/friend/sister he would hug her in front of Cam with no problem but because she means so much more to him, he has to hide those feelings.

He didn’t seem to want to go to NY with Cam.

I thought it was telling that Cam said we’re not cheating cause that’s just how Booth was acting what with not wanting anyone esp. Brennan to know about them. I think it’s odd that now Cam is the one who wants to keep their relationship a secret.

Hodgins was great! I felt so bad for him. He really loves Angela. I’m glad they got a second chance. It’s too bad Booth hasn’t learned that same lesson.

Having the Man on the Fairway air after this ep ties in nicely with this ep as Booth says that Brennan’s people are his people in Man on the Fairway and that he was praying in thanksgiving for all of them in this one.

A little nitpick about the church scene. Churches aren’t open all day like they used to be so the only time they could’ve been there was during Mass and it didn’t seem like a Mass was going on. I’ve never smelled candles in church but... I’ll let it go, though, since this always happens on TV just like all nuns still wear the habit. My favorite is when someone walks into an empty church and all the candles are lit. Fire hazard, much? Most churches don’t even use real candles for vigil lights anymore.

Booth would’ve felt so guilty if he’d listened to Cam and ignored his call.

Cam has to rationalize why they’re a secret. She’s pushing for more of a relationship; wanting a weekend away. Wasn’t that one of the points of a relationship that Angela brought up to Tessa and Booth?

Do we have this one?

Because they have faith in each other.

Booth says no to going to Church but then brings her. He really shouldn't have said no to her in the first place. If all she wanted was to observe, she could've gone to any church any Sunday. I think it says a lot that she wanted to share this with him and understand him better.

I’m glad people aren’t disappointed. I, too, read posts where people wanted more. I had a weird feeling we wouldn’t get as much as people thought (I’m not spoiled) so I’m glad people here are happy with what we did get. It seems like the best scenes come when we least expect them, i.e. the hug in Two Bodies in the Lab or the Jasper scene.

I think Brennan wrote a goodbye note to Booth and Russ.

I hope the Gravedigger is revisited and we find out who it is.

Booth knows Brennan’s schedule.

Which leads us to:

Because he was the only one to know her schedule.

I was glad that Brennan hugged Hodgins instead of just shaking his hand.

Cam says they have no responsibilities, but what about Booth’s son? Plus, since they used to go out shouldn't she have known that he didn't like musicals? We don't know the reason(s) they broke up but unless something's changed, what makes them think it will work this time?

Angel: As much as I love Fred..

Angel: I loved Fred.

Angel loved Fred and in an eon of eons he would never harm her in any way.
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