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maybe the bartender is whoever Emily wants to hire for the wedding re-enactment? and they test-run him at FND next week?

We're only about one third into the seventh season of Gilmore Girls, and I can already hear the swan song begin to play.
Fans of the show had their doubts that the series would retain its quirky, loquacious tone after series creator Amy Palladino and producer-husband Daniel Palladino quit last season. But the long, rambling dialogue filled with popular culture references and dry wit isn't what has changed. Instead, the story and character development seem to be what has been lagging this season.
Lorelai, in particular, can't seem to make up her mind (or retain any kind of rationality) when it comes to matters of the heart. Never mind her emotional breakdown at the end of last season, but now she's latched on to Christopher (Rory's biological father) for reasons that haven't been made entirely clear as of yet. Her storyline has become a guessing game regarding what unrequited love she will end up with - if any. Between her indecisiveness and a lack of open exposition on the matter, I've lost interest in who Lorelai really loves, despite who she may or may not marry (cough, Christopher, cough).
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