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Hi! Thanks for the welcome

No...definitely didn't dump him. She came to Australia with him! I think that's a sure sign things are healthy...! I'm going to be scanning the pics that newspapers took at the concert (you were FRISKED because Justin didn't want cameras at all in the concert)

She was off to side of stage (where the sound controls are) and during Like I Love you especially, she was shakin' her booty! Everyone was like GO CAMERON! *lol* I don't think she noticed she was noticed..ya know? She was SO into him..and every once in a while when Justin was havin' a good time, smilin' at the fact that EVERYONE was singing along to EVERY song, he'd look over at her.. *sniffles* Too cute.

Highlights? Damn..the whole concert. He opened with beatboxing, which segued into Cry Me A River..then he sang an ultra slow and sexy 'Nothin Else'...*melt* beautiful. I can't remember the exact order..*which kills me..* He sang 'Take It From Here', and everyone sang along to that...but he particularly noticed when we sang 'See what I see'...he paused...and everyone was cheering so loudly..he stepped back from the mic, looked at the band, and was FANTASTIC!

Oh...the thing about Cry Me A River... you know that bit when he sangs 'don't it make you sad about her'..or something. He said 'BITCH, I'm not sad anymore' (This is a theory only because as soon as he said 'Bitch', the cheers were deafening!) It was cool! Then after singing a ballad I think..he said pointedly 'See! We sing...we DON'T MIME!' OOOHHHHH! Feisty Justin!

He sang 'Miss You'..the Rolling Stones song he sang with the Stones at 'SARStock' in Toronto last year! *hee* I was there...!! I should know! He did the dance moves for Rock Your Body *riaow* which was his final song... oh! So much to remember! I'll let you know when I scan the pics..
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