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Originally Posted by Fred Pryce (View Post)
Let me start.

Title/Link: FanFiction.Net : Alive and Kicking
Author: Louise
Pairing: (if any) Clark/Lois and Chloe/Jimmy
Rating: PG
Warnings: (if needed) None
Spoilers: (when applicable) Zod
Short summary: Set one day after the end of Zod. Chloe, Jimmy and Clark came to bring Lois home at the same time.

And I'm written an epic Clark/Lois, Lois/Oliver, Dinah/Oliver and Dinah/Clark in the same fic. You can check the trailler here: Two of a Kind - FileFront - The Most Gaming Files on the Web
That was good, Louise. Is there any more?
I can't access FileFront.
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