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Title/Link: Aiming Higher
Author: Kelly G
Pairing: Lois/Oliver some Clark/Chloe (not as a couple)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Spoilers: possibly some for the episode "Rage" taken from the trailer.
Short summary: Oliver plans a surprise date for Lois, set after "Reunion" and before "Rage."

It was five minutes to eight. Lois stood in impatient anticipation as the old elevator slowly made its way to the top to Oliver’s penthouse apartment. The door slid open and Lois stepped out, expecting to see Oliver. He was nowhere to be seen.
“Oliver?” Lois looked around the empty apartment. She spied a single, long- stemmed rose lying atop his desk. Curious, she went over and found that there was also a small black box. With trembling fingers she lifted the lid. Glittering against a black velvet pillow was an emerald and diamond necklace with matching earrings. A small card read: come up to the roof.
Lois put on the necklace and earrings then climbed the few stairs to the rooftop. As she opened the door she noticed a small table for two with a white linen table cloth and a single candle. Near the table were two candelabra.
Oliver, dressed in a black tux, stood by the balcony with his back to her. He heard her approach. Without turning around, he asked, “Is this high enough for you?”
“You’re never going to let me live that down are you?” Lois asked.
Oliver laughed.
Lois had moved to stand next to him. “Nice view,” she commented gazing at the lights from the city.
“Breathtaking.” Oliver agreed, his eyes not leaving her face. He took a step back to take in all of her. “You look beautiful, and the necklace brings out the color in your eyes.”
Lois touched a hand to the necklace. “Ollie, they’re beautiful. They must cost a fortune. It’s too much, I can’t accept them.”
His smile faded. “They were my mother’s. Emeralds were her favorite. I wanted you to have them.”
She’d blundered again. She saw the hurt in his eyes. “I’m- I’m honored.”
The light sparked in his eyes. “Then you’ll accept them?”
“Yes. Thank you.” She smiled at him.
“Hungry?” smiling back, he extended his hand.
“Famished.” She took his hand and let him lead her over to the table. Oliver held the chair for her and after she was seated he sat down across from her.
Lois picked up a silver fork. “Is this real silver?” He nodded. “Wow, you really went all out didn’t you?”
“You deserve the best.”
The look he gave her sent a shiver down her spine. She blushed. Oliver Queen knew how to treat a woman. It made her wonder how many other women he’d known. He’d had the reputation of being a playboy. She pushed the thoughts away.
“Are you going to eat?” Oliver asked.
Lois lifted the silver plate cover. “Roast chicken is nice.”
“Actually, that’s a Cornish hen. I shot it myself.” At her horrified, disbelieving look, he quickly added, “kidding; you know I’m not very good with a bow.”
“I’ve never had Cornish hen before. I’m sure it’s delicious, as well as the green peas and mashed potatoes.”
They ate for several minutes in silence. “I know we haven’t seen much of each other since the reunion- Oliver began.”
Lois interrupted him. “Clark said that you’d been injured by Duncan?”
Oliver brushed it off. “It was nothing. I’m fine.”
“You were wearing a sling.”
“Just a pulled shoulder muscle. That’s all. So, what about you? How’s the reporting coming? Any new stories?”
“I may have a lead on the Green Arrow. A green arrow was found at the Metropolis bank just after it was robbed last night. They caught two of the thieves, but he escaped.”
“Him again. I’m surprised you’re not out looking for clues.”
“I already have one.” Lois reached into her purse and pulled out a small arrow.
“Where did you get that?” Oliver asked, trying to keep a blank face.
“I can’t reveal my sources, but I am going to find out who this Green Arrow is.”
"Can I see it? Perhaps I can help you. I can have my people try and trace it."
Lois handed him the arrow. "That would be great."
Oliver inspected the arrow for a moment. "What do you plan to do once you find this guy?" Oliver asked, dropping the arrow into his pocket.
“I’ll have him arrested.”
What makes you think that he had anything to do with that robbery? Maybe he was trying to stop it?”
“If that was the case then why did he leave? Besides he’s stolen before, at the fundraiser.”
“That was different.”
“What makes you such an expert on the Green Arrow?” You weren’t even around when he showed up. You and Clark always seem to miss the excitement.”
“We’re just lucky, I guess. Care to dance?” Oliver changed the subject.
“There’s no music.” Lois protested.
Oliver pressed a button on a remote to a CD player. An instrumental started playing. “How about now?” He held out his hand.
“You think of everything.” Lois said, impressed. Lois took his hand and they danced close together. Oliver was a good dancer; no doubt he’d had a lot of practice. Once again Lois found herself wondering about the previous women in his life and, surprisingly, she felt a little jealous. ‘This is silly’, she thought. ‘He’s with me now.’ She looked up to find that Oliver was looking at her intently, rather, he was looking at her mouth intently. He looked even more handsome in the moonlight. Their eyes locked. Slowly he lowered his head and kissed her. A gentle, sweet kiss. Lois melted. She couldn’t help it. She was falling for him. Then he pulled away.
“It’s late. I should get you home.” Oliver said, regretfully.
Lois was disappointed, but she knew he was right. She needed to be up early to finish some things for Martha. They went back downstairs to his apartment.
Oliver grabbed his keys just as his cell phone rang. “I’m sorry, Lois,” he apologized. “I need to take this call. Business. I’ll have my limo drive you home.” He kissed her on the cheek.
“I had a nice time, Ollie. Thanks.”
“I did, too. And I still owe you dessert." He paused and grinned. “Devil’s food cake.”
“I’ll hold you to it. Goodnight, Ollie.”
“Goodnight, Lois.” He watched her until the doors on the elevator shut.
“Did you get it?” He asked the caller.
“Sure thing, Mr. Queen. I have the item you requested.”
“Bring it to me.” Oliver hung up the phone.
Ten minutes later Oliver held the delivered package in his hands. He was still wearing the pants from the tux, but he had removed his shirt. The arrow wound on his shoulder was still red and sore. He opened the package and removed a vial of liquid and a syringe. He filled the syringe and then injected the contents into his arm. Moments later there was no sign of the wound. It had healed itself. Oliver smiled. He picked up the tux jacket that he had thrown across the bed and reached into the pocket. He pulled out the arrow that Lois had given him. He looked at it thoughtfully for a moment before he opened the desk drawer and dropped it in along with the vial and syringe. Then he turned the lock.

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